Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Cigarette Before The Noose (And They're Taken Away)

At the end of the Continental Convention, on September 18, 1787, the not-yet American citizens asked Benjamin Franklin what he'd delivered to "we the people," and he replied, "A Republic, if you can keep it.” I don't know what to think, now that it's clear we are no longer capable of doing so:
There’s nothing constitutionally seemly about a Court decision that says this law is only legal because the people’s representatives flat-out lied to the people when they passed it,… 
Only in America does “health” “care” “reform” begin with the hiring of 16,500 new IRS agents tasked with determining whether your insurance policy merits a fine.

I actually laughed when I heard the news - not as hard as when I heard Tom Cruise was getting divorced because Katie Holmes wanted to protect her child from the cult of Scientology, an obvious fact that wasn't in the news report, and that few will consider as we link arms with Mormonism:
SALT LAKE CITY (Reuters) - Troubled by issues ranging from polygamy to gay marriage, several dozen Mormons plan to resign this weekend from the church en masse in an unusual public show of defiance in Salt Lake City. 
Organizers say participants in Saturday's mass resignation will gather in a public park to sign a "Declaration of Independence from Mormonism," followed by a hike up Ensign Peak, scaled in 1847 by then-church President Brigham Young to survey the spot where his Latter-day Saints would build a city.

No, I was laughing, partially, because Mr. Jump-The-Gun had used his "vapid dorkiness" to just previously declare Obama wasted four years on this NewAge dream. (Come on, healthcare? Don't tell me you never saw that coming,…) You'll have to excuse me, now, if I don't hold my breath waiting for our other lying Cultist-elect to admit he was wrong by saying, "I guess it was worth it after all,…"

And - while I can't get all Ann Barnhardt on you - I can agree with her that the likelihood Romney will repeal ObamaCare just became a lot less likely - despite what he says - starting with the fact ObamaCare is based on the plan Mormonism's "White Horse" has always been so damned proud of:

So now the flip-flopper agrees it's bad policy but the only way to get rid of it is elect him. Uh-huh. Every American conservative who falls for this line should change their middle name to "Gullible."

And who can forget Romney's own NewAge healthcare investments in the Joseph Smith-inspired Mormon industry of worthless/harmful supplements? That's GOT to do better under ObamaCare and ol' Mitt isn't going to hurt the "church," right? What would Jesus think when he "returns" to Missouri?

Yes, he's the best man to run a modern nation, The New World, and The Greatest Country On Earth.

Welcome to the clusterfuck of your own making. Not me - I warned you and warned you and warned you. I'll leave you with the (surprising) words of Ann Althouse, sounding like she's channelling me:
Everybody's always lying. 
Now, grow up, pay attention, and don't get played.

Sheeeiiit. It's more-than-a-little late for all that now - and, knowing Ann, she, too, will be singing a different tune tomorrow (look at her quote again, folks) but - at least as I write this - I hear ya, kid,…

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Blogging With One Eye Open (And It Ain't My Third,...)

Have you ever really listened to this song? Jesus, it's creepy - and dumb. The fool's leaving his wife (you only "leave" your wife, you "break-up" with your girlfriend) because he's "easy"? I ask you: Is this entire tune some asshole using a euphemism for getting a little on the side? What really killed me was this line:

"I wanna be high, so high - I wanna be free to know the things I do are right,…"

Well, shit, leaving those you're intimate with will accomplish that, won't it, you selfish douchebag? No chance of being judged as despicable then, is it? No, dick-for-brains, you're freeeeee!

And all this is laid over a breezy arrangement to make it sound reasonable - even attractive. Thanks, Lionel, you faggot-assed-faggot. Which, somehow, brings me to another disturbing thought:

Boomers, turning this country over to a(nother) cult as they leave the stage, was as inevitable as we were told Romney's nomination was.

We shouldn't expect them to do anything reasonable. (Haven't I told you they're Nazis in disguise?) They can't help themselves. They've been drawn to cults and cultish thinking since the Maharishi first giggled at them, and why would anyone expect them to change now? (This is called self-criticism, y'all.) All we can do is watch as America becomes John Edwards, just like four years ago, "believing" it's in love with a(nother) NewAge kook, to finally reveal it's true self - a walking, talking, gullible-fucking-embarrassment to all right-thinking people. Blind as fucking bats.

Glenn Reynolds, still playing The World's Biggest Hypocrite, linked to this article:

Which, if we swung it back to InstaBigot, would reveal a message that he would approve:

We might not be able to handle the truth on Mormons, so let’s not be “nosy"

Neither candidate has economic plan, says Fox News poll

Madness. Then why elect a cultist because he's supposedly good with the economics?

Because you got trapped into it.

Especially when it gives Yours Truly a chance to say "I told you so."

Goodnight, Peeps, I'm done,...

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Don't Look At Me (I'm Looking For An Escape,...)

So, totally under the radar, Mitt's mobilizing his Mormon Army - and, boy, are they excited!

Shit, as long as nobody mentions they're a cult, it should be smooth sailing:
One can examine the structure of the religion and its practices, to see if they are easily compatible with open government and transparency, or if they rely on intimidation, isolation and cultic practices. Perhaps this can be ignored with lesser offices. But a president is different. If he has been part of a church hierarchy, has had secret meetings with them, has a social life revolving almost entirely around fellow Mormons, and practices his faith in places that no one can see or talk about ... then we have some questions. If a candidate's best friends say that Mormonism is at the very core of who Romney is, then his refusal to answer any questions about it or discuss it at all is already disturbing. 
And, sure, if not the Dish, who?

Yeah - if not the brilliant mind of Andrew Sullivan - then who, people? WHO?

A Post Revolving (Around Two Of My Sacred Cows,...)

Usually Christians compare me to John The Baptist, but now the cow's done it, and that illustrious endorsement makes me wonder if (as the NewAgers say) "I'm living up to my true potential." (Where's Jesus, looking for that head-bath, when I need him?)

On the other hand, there's this. Golly (as the Mormons say). 

Can't I just be Joseph Smith, with his "seer stone," and fleece everybody in sight?

Naw, not my style. Mr. Straight-Up Viking Death March, that's me, and - like Big Bad John - I'll probably be the one made to pay for it, so, like, whatever. (That fucking cow knows me too well - great music in that clip!) Let's change the subject - what's in The Crack Emcee's NewAge Grab Bag today?

In the Never-Seen-That-Coming Dept., The Greatest Love Of All, the one that was supposed to last “till death do us part and probably beyond,” has come to a shocking end.

That's right - after he "adopted some of the New Age terms" and (by so doing) completely destroyed his life, John Edwards and Rielle Hunter are no more. Which probably means hosting that TV show on relationships isn't in Rielle's future after all, darn it. (That advice would've been priceless!)

Like most NewAgers, I guess she'll just have to stay on that never-ending search:

And yes, kids, in case you haven't guessed already:

John The Fucking Baptist is cleaning out his YouTube file,…

It's Over. It's Done (We've Gone And Died Of Boredom)

As you can see, above, Paris Hilton is now pretending to be a DJ, proving the NewAgers were right and the world has finally come to an end. This is Hell, people, and we just didn't know it. Well, some of us did. Those of us being swallowed by ignorance:

This nonsense needs a palate cleanser - here's a palate cleanser:

If that doesn't suit you, try my old man (stepfather) playing bass with Ellington:

Better? Against the likes of today's losers? You BET it's fucking better,…

Monday, June 25, 2012

Logging On To Lies Of Omission (From Near And Far,...)

So, when I returned from work, I saw this story and wondered, why aren't Glenn Reynolds, Ann Althouse, and Stacey McCain, etc., screaming "bigotry"? Seems right up their alley,...

I saw Glenn also agreed with a Walter Russell Mead screed about cultists who "believe utterly absurd things and are willing to act upon them," because Mead then went on to condemn "liberals who see theocracy behind every Mormon temple,..." As though only liberals are worried, Mormon beliefs would be welcome in any classroom not dedicated to Cargo Cult Science, and nobody's heard of the American theocracy in Utah or the various oaths Mormons, like Romney, have swore to - over those of this country.

The hypocrisy of Glenn Reynolds - the utter deceit this man dishes out to his readers - is galling.

Ann appears to be clobbering the NYT with this:
"By the standards of retailing, Apple offers above average pay — well above the minimum wage of $7.25 and better than the Gap, though slightly less than Lululemon, the yoga and athletic apparel chain, where sales staff earn about $12 an hour." 
So what's the problem? What's the issue? Why is this a story?

While everyone - the writer Ann's criticizing, the NYT, and Ann - are leaving out that, to earn that $12 an hour at Lululemon, the poor saps have to go through "training" with The Landmark Forum cult.

That's a problem, ain't it? (Lululemon seems to think so.) That's an issue. That's a STORY.

My bad - no it's not. Like the Mormons, all the groups and individuals, linked here, deny they're cults or cult apologists. (Or even NewAgers.) So there's no need to comment further. Their word is enough.

EVERYBODY'S spreading "the truth."

Just not the whole truth and nothing but - and especially not the law professors.

By the way, it's just been discovered that Alzheimer’s is caused by stress. Which - considering what's going on in the blogosphere - leads naturally to an all-important question:

Is cognitive dissonance considered stressful?

Cooze (Something Smells Fishy Over At ABC News,...)

So, Rielle Hunter was all dolled-up on 20/20, as though she "thought" new hair and make-up could somehow make her disgusting, nonsensical NewAge ideas more palatable. Hey, it worked for Oprah, right? Which is the part of all this I find funny:

 20/20 is on ABC. 

ABC was Oprah's network. 

Yet Oprah's "spiritual" ideas and Rielle Hunter's are the same.

How people keep missing that is a billion dollar question. I guess the answer is the same way they keep missing who really brought down John Edwards. 

I say - starting with Oprah's (repeatedly) getting off the hook - let's hear it on the NewAge double-double-cross, for the win,…

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Out Of Sight/Out Of Mind (And Out Of Our Minds,...)

Even though I'm only catching them at a glance, I'm simply amazed at the number of great stories out there - by that, I mean, the number of great stories nobody's really covering. Easily, the biggest news today is Voyager 1 leaving our solar system, but I've barely seen or heard a peep about it in our so-called "media," with it's so-called "journalists," and all these bloggers hanging around. Voyager 1 is but one example of how TRULY uninformed, and stupid, we've become - here's another:

A billion people jabbering 24/7, most not saying or doing a damned thing worth knowing.

But I'm the bad guy.

Voyager 1 is possibly the biggest story of our lifetimes and - we get zip, nada, nothin'. 

And I know ultimately why:

Because "humanity's first emissary to interstellar space" has found no evidence of little green men, no sign of a Heaven, and certainly no God or gods. (BTW - no Mormon stars, either,...)

Report that - in detail so everyone understands what it means - and a lot of the "spiritual" gobbledegook these morons HAVE reported, as though it matters, goes up in smoke.

These NewAgers and religious nuts have always claimed that, if we found God or alien life or whatnot, it would change the way we see the planet and ourselves. Well, confirmation we're alone would do the exact same thing - including proving NewAgers are full of shit - but we can't have that, now can we? So everybody's hush-hush, keeping us fully up-to-date (but in the dark) as they fill the airwaves with what's REALLY IMPORTANT. Whatever is needed to stay sheep.

Because the people gotta know.

Yeah, yeah - what the people gotta know is this whole set-up stinks,….

Working Man: Year One (The War I've Got To Win,...)

I wish I could be here as often as usual, but I have a new job - with lots of overtime - so my focus has to be on getting my workplace responsibilities down. Currently, my schedule goes like this:

Up at 3 or 5AM, go to work. Stay there until 7 or 8PM. Return home, eat, sleep, do it again.

I'm sure you can see the dilemma. Not to worry, though, because - somewhere between "eat" and "sleep" - I'm still collecting our usual bits of NewAge bullshit for whenever I get another chance to blog. And so I can stay up on current events, make the claim "I have a life," and/or desire that my co-workers wonder about me over the water cooler. Right now, whenever I drop a particularly mad morsel on them, they just whisper "He's from California" under their breath and let me go on my way:

It doesn't bother me. One guy has taken to calling me Conspiracy Theory - because he "caught" me listening to NPR's "Science Friday" - NOT because I regaled him with the story of a psychic who "brainwashed two women into stripping to help contact their dead relatives." I shoulda gone there.

(I really should've. Everybody loves the kind of women who will provide a man like me with that kind of tale, while - at the same time - demanding I see all NewAge fembots as "smart and independent.")

But, no. Whatever I do, in this cultural environment, there's bound to be misunderstandings.

What am I saying? We're all rendered fools. People into science are conspiracy theorists. Conspiracy theorists are scientists, while doctors are killers and any mau-mauing "spiritual" jackass - with no knowledge of anything - is the "healer" and so on. You can't trust the media. (I said you can't trust the media) and blogs aren't much better, so what are you going to do? I'll tell you what I'm doing:

I'm keeping my head down - my mouth shut - and staying in motion.

Just like in Pol Pot's Vietnam, in America today, revealing anything more is dangerous,…