Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Sorry, Sam Cooke (A Change Is NOT Gonna Come)



If you know - 100% - the president on the left killed more innocent civilians than any other, the one in the center is currently funding a genocide, and the one on the right is a three-time rapist, how do you pose for a picture of yourself smiling with them?

That's Entertainment 2024 (And Throughout The Ages)


 I'm from a different time and place, so you'll have to excuse me. 


 But 'Bravo!' to True Classic t-shirts: the over-arching concerns of modern life have rarely been so well-depicted. 


 OK, I take that back - I forgot Tender Dracula - but, still, it's a good commercial. 


 AI's getting good, now, too. 


 HBO just dropped 8 seasons of This Week Tonight online, and that's nothing to complain about. 


 Especially when, today, you can couple it with Mystery Science Theatre 3000, anytime, too. Wow. 


Follow that with the album named something "that showed up on an ouija board at one time."


 After whatever society's taking wears off, of course - and then we're solid. Until you crash the car.

Potential VP Shot Herself In The Foot (Talking About Killing Her Dog And A Goat)

Monday, April 29, 2024

MODERN LIFE'S IMPROVED: Not Quite As Bloody As Before But Just As Stupid


 Based on the evidence, The Specific Type Of Love That's Even Higher Than A Soulmate is a divorced spouse you've repeatedly cheated on.
Protesters in Germany call for Islamic fundamentalism: 'Caliphate is the solution' Still no word on what the question is, was, or ever will be.
And Russell Brand announces he is getting baptized as a Christian, describing it as an 'opportunity to leave the past behind' - where it usually is - unless it's brought into the present, where he famously wants nothing to do with it, because it was probably, ok definitely, underage when they originally met.

Choking On Air (To Lose The Wait)

When we find articles saying Everything’s a cult now, it's safe to say TMR's won that debate.
Misinformation has created an alternative world for some Americans, and crawling out of that is not going to be easy.
So we get to watch as Bill Maher Batters His Buddy RFK Jr. Over Anti-Vax Claims, decades after Bill Maher, himself, helped start the Anti-Vax craze RFK Jr. is trapped in.
And Dan Rather returns to CBS for the first time 18 years after his disgraced departure, without ever admitting he made a disgraced departure 18 years ago.
And even Sean Penn’s Angry Letter to Trey Parker and Matt Stone Post-’Team America’ Is Still Hilarious 20 Years Later because,...it's Sean Penn. Ask him where all of SF's cultism went in Milk?


FACT: “Bedknobs and Broomsticks,” a parable for Gardnerian Witches, is a good reminder of the NewAge nonsense the world's been raised on.
'The Synanon Fix' shows how the California dream went awry for a rehab group turned cult, AND everyone associated with them, California, or drugs.
Model Ditched Career Posing For Cameras To Teach Naked Yoga Poses because those clothes simply aren't going to remove themselves.
And, believe it or not, THAT' is life's lesson to us all. You can ask Sean Penn where they went, too. 

That man loves to party. 

Saturday, April 27, 2024

I Now Pronounce You "Man And Life" (Followed By The Peals Of Girlish Laughter)

I've been thinking about the wife, lately.
And how popular her ideas about life are, compared to mine.
I mean, I get it, how it all "works."
How large groups of misguided people find themselves put in-charge every once in a while.
Until they're not.

  Ellen DeGeneres Addresses ‘Getting Kicked Out of Show Business’ on Her New Comedy Tour, but, apparently, says nothing about her relationship with her psychic, who - after supposedly predicting she'd get a popular show - hasn't explained how it's brutal and ruthless ending, at the hands of her formally-adoring public, came without any warning. 

Like the whole thing was some kind of cosmic set-up for a fall.
SIDEBAR: 'I escaped an evil cult lead by my dad when I was 19 years old — but I still love him' - and I hear-the-fuck-out of that. He wasn't predicting the future or anything.
DOUBLE SIDEBAR: Tom Cruise may view his daughter Suri as a 'potential trouble source,' showing how the opposite, of this sort of thing, just sorta "happens."
Anyway, yesterday, the left's SFGate noted San Francisco's Union Square is emptier than ever, when, on the conservative side, the media's also been saying It's a Miracle Anything Gets Built in San Francisco. This is long after TMR noted - in 2007 - "blacks have been leaving, like Jews from Nazi Germany, for years". Needless to say, the media's recent powers of observation suck. No matter how many eyes they claim to have. 
Just as people who are older than the Jesus myth have been ignored, or met with abuse and scorn by Christians, an exodus of blacks meant nothing to the future of San Francisco, or the cool kids on the left or right. They think what they think, and have the power to enforce it. Over reality. 
Today they say things like The Trump trial brings out the juvenile in all of us, when it's now obvious "all of us" has exclusively meant the wicked witch's flying monkeys, who find such things "funny."
Blacks don't, and are flocking to Trump - despite everything. It may not last. As Camille Paglia noted - with the exception of Oprah & Co - "It is a striking fact that few,...African-Americans joined cults."
Speaking of blacks, on a side note, a Houston restaurant employee has been accused of putting his genitals in food items, and possessing child pornography, and - as blacks - we couldn't be prouder. Way to go, Champ. All of our hopes and dreams as a people have come true. Wait - a black Maryland High school athletic director is accused of using AI to fake a racist rant in the voice of his school's white principal? I take it all back. I have seen the future. This is TMR's new idol.
Back to currently ignored observations: Warner Bros. Sets Release Date for Documentary About Real-Life The Zone of Interest Family, because, still, no one (else) has admitted that Oct. 7th was The Zone of Interest, but with the Quentin Tarantino-twist of Gaza's concentration camp victims, suddenly leaping over the wall to murder their captors.
Also, articles that say things like My generation doesn’t know why the heck they’re protesting for Palestine ignore the fact that - when confronted with people who do know - nobody cares about what they have to say. The media just enjoys addressing know-nothings for sport.
THANKS TO ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE, HOSPITALS WILL NEVER BE EMPTY: Ex-model nearly died after trying juice diet instead of getting proper treatment for cancer
WHATEVER - JESUS NEEDS TO START A NUDE JAM BAND TO HEAL STAND-UP COMICS: Drew Carey's rant about his rapturous sexual/religious experience seeing Phish at the Sphere

That way, afterwards, I'll never have to think about my wife, or her beliefs, ever again.