Sunday, March 31, 2013

Can We Run "Miss Information" In The Beauty Pageant?

A parent in upstate New York is claiming there is some disturbing information being taught to his child as a result of a Common Core-aligned lesson on government and human rights. (Common Core is the controversial standardized curriculum program being advocated for by the federal government.)...As we researched the videos featured on the U.N.’s website and part of the homework assignment from Common Core, we noticed a couple of unusual things. 
• The producer of these videos was the Church of Scientology.
No, if the truth was told, "the producer of these videos" is a country too dumb not to immediately stop any asshole cultists who'd attempt to take control of us through the children. (We should have a "one time and you're out" policy for such behavior.) And let's not forget the rest of those engaged in this (often mentioned) "spiritual battle," right under our noses, attempting to distract us from their own equal and awful actions by pointing at other cults just like themselves. Who do I mean? Nobody in particular.

BTW - this anti-cult message was brought to us by Glenn Beck and The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints,...

"Guilty As Sin" Has Always Had Such A Nice Ring To It (And, Somehow, A Man Of God's Always Wearing It,...)

Politicians and preachers, politicians and preachers, what would we do without politicians and preachers? I'd certainly like to find out:
Todd Coontz, the founder of RockWealth International Ministries, a nonprofit organization, is coming under fire for telling viewers that if they act obediently toward God and send him a minimum of $273 for a "recovery seed" donation, God will reward them with a "supernatural change in 90 days." 
Coontz told viewers: "Several months ago, God gave me the single greatest miracle of my lifetime in one day, and the numbers two, seven and three were involved."
Incredible - two, seven and three just happen to be the numbers to my PayPal account: 


Somebody Sing "Danny Boy" (So Tears Are Warranted)

I worry about Bill Whittle sometimes, especially since the last election. He seems to be graying faster, and becoming slightly unhinged, which ain't good for one of the best communicators the Right has. (All these guys seem lamer than usual, now that Brietbart's gone,...) 

This "Virtual President" gig - while a joke on Obama to most - strikes me, instead, as a wake for the Right's own failure in November. No, Bill ain't being as clever as he thinks, but it's just enough for the rubes. Listen to them roar. Laughter and back-slapping everywhere. Whatever: 

They can hoist their drinks to cheers all night, but there's still a dead body sitting in the middle of the room - and it's an elephant they killed

 BTW - "Everybody is an immigrant"? Including me? Where did I immigrate from? Los Angeles? 

 If so, please - tell me what country I'm in now - because I don't seem to recognize it,...

Actually, It's Really Because She's So Good Looking,...

Wow. Now look what Sarah Hoyt, guest blogging for the Instadumbshit, wrote this morning:
I GOT SHOWN ABOUT TWENTY POSTS ON GAY MARRIAGE, BUT FRANKLY, THE WHOLE DEBATE: Is Pathetic.  It’s also a really great distraction, a way to turn people against each other and perhaps a way to give the federal government yet more power. Which is what we all want, right?
Wait - the gay marriage debate is pathetic? And a distraction? Is this bitch reading my shit? And, if so, why can't she give me credit? (Why do all those on the right refuse to give me credit?) Can I remind you of TMR's post yesterday? I think the commentary went like this:
Now I have to endure endless conservative talk about the need for minority voters. 
Or, yes, even gays. 
You distracted yet?
Why yes, yes - I guess you are:

Sarah Hoyt - invited to guest blog because she's so on top of things - said so,...

You Have GOT To Be A Follower To Make This "Work"

Jesus, I've been mentally insulted before I've even had my breakfast:

Ed Driscoll has noted that Ann Althouse said "Drudge does commentary. You just have to figure out what he's trying to say with his juxtapositions — Drudgtapositions." 

To which I reply, really? Why, "professor"? Why do we "have to" parse his bullshit? Is wasting our time, allowing some guy in a fedora to get us all pumped up, over what 3/4 of his stories add up to - nothing - really in our interest? How?

TMR readers should ask themselves - since Ann or Ed can't seem to challenge their own bullshit - do you actually learn anything from Drudge's links, or are you merely titillated by them? If you're honest, and find it's the latter, then just admit reading all three of these assholes (plus Glenn Reynolds of course) is nothing more than a distraction from actual political engagement and, thus, no more edifying to the body politic than visiting a quarter porn palace. 

Or are you going to prove me wrong by reminding me how these "friends" of yours guided conservatives - and President Romney - to that "easy" victory last November? 

 Yeah - that's what I thought. The proof is in the pudding: 

 All these useless professors coaches are "teaching" you is how to flub a lay-up,...


There's 2 Things In Life (And I Paid My Taxes Already,...)

I think "nobody wants to live alone" is right up there with "nobody wants to die" as one of the dumbest things people, who lead sheltered lives, can say. When you've been hurt, you do want to live alone. (No, please, invite your torturers back in,...) And when you've been hurt, you do want to die. Why would anyone think differently?

Oh yeah - because they're usually the ones causing the pain. 

It's like that TV show, Enlightened, except instead of a single NewAger driving every normal person within reach crazy, this is Unenlightened, the story of individuals who can't escape a world of crazy NewAgers - and the results of their outlandish, and ever-changing beliefs - without dying. Oh, whatever happens to me, make sure that continues. 

 No, I laid down the other day and, whenever it happens, I'll be more-than-happy to do so again. I have no interest in "going long" for a life filled with idiotic jabber about feminism, environmentalism, alternative medicine, gay rights, or whatever these morons think the word "energy" means. Oprah's an exploitive bitch - not my moral icon - and there also is no karma, crystals have no powers, and putting con men, posing as psychics, on television is a crime - period. 

I'll gladly die, rather than act otherwise: 

 I already live alone,...

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Tomorrow's Menu: Whiskey And A Cigar - For Breakfast

I'm writing this because the reaction, offline, is so unlike what I would've expected, it seemed necessary to blog it - so here goes: 

I had a heart attack a couple of days ago. 

Honest injun. While having my morning coffee, a serious thunderclap (for lack of a better description) occured in my chest, causing me to lie down and prepare for my exit, which is what I did.

I laid there for hours.

What I didn't do was call 9-1-1, or take an aspirin, or ask anyone for (or do anything to) "help." 

Why not? Because this is a feminist NewAge world now, so there's no trust for me to latch onto, which means we're no longer human, which means life ain't worth living unless you're a stupid animal, and (let's face it) anyplace where feminism, misinformation, and spiritual nonsense, are allowed to flourish and rule - over truth and justice - is definitely no place for me: 

I'm "a man" - all my wife's friends said that's what I'm guilty of - so I'm here only to be hunted:

From isolation in ghetto foster homes, to today, that's what I've been - only the faces have changed.

Gangstas, gay pervs - now I'm watching out for women trying to take advantage, too? 

Fine. Low-life's are scum, whatever guise they come in. 

Fuck them, and anything and everything they stand for.

I'm ready to die.

To be continued (maybe),...

I Was Forced Into This (As Well As Forced Out Of It,...)

When you've walked in my shoes, this joke just never gets old:
"In the 1990s, [Dionne Warwick] became the public face of the Psychic Friends Network, a telephone service that connected callers with clairvoyants for $3.99 a minute. It earned her $3 million a year before the corporation that owned the service went into bankruptcy. 
Critics of Ms Warwick's own bankruptcy filing have taken to web forums to joke that, given her experience with the Psychic Friends Network, she should have seen her money troubles coming."
Here's another joke I'm enjoying (immensely) today: 

 Dear Dionne, 

 You should follow the advice of feminist law professor Ann Althouse and call your mother, to thank her for not aborting you, and allowing you a chance to rip off your delusional "sisters," and other of your fellow Americans, to the tune of $3 million dollars a year. 

They would've known better, if they read like I do, but look at the bright side: 

 $3 million is more money than Ann's making from misinformation,...

A Bit Of Gun Advice: Get It Out Before Assaulting People

You saw it with your own eyes:

She had it the whole time,...

Protection From Who? (Let's Thank Black Mothers For It)

Moving forward - and we will:

I am convinced black women are going to eventually "put the kabosh" on any sense of entitlement white feminists hold, which should kinda set things to right again, because only black men (or Samoans) can stop black women from dishing out beatings when and how they want to - and really, when it comes to white feminists with a sense of entitlement, they apparently always want to with a passion.

It's really a beautiful thing,...

Feel The Love

"On your birthday, you should call your mother. To thank her for not aborting you."

Make No Mistake About It (Confirmation Bias Is A Loser)

"There is no mistake in Jazz."

Yesterday, I heard a series of programs on the importance of mistakes, that pretty much reflected my view of things: 

We should admit mistakes, and the only shame is in hiding or hiding from them.

Notice that, as long as I'm criticizing them, both Ann Althouse and Glenn Reynolds have decided - whether they're right or wrong - they will not talk openly about my criticism. We know they know me, they know I'm here, and they know I'm talking *specifically* about them, but - since it's criticism - they've refused to acknowledge it. (Here's Ann acknowledging praise, for instance, both from on and off her blog.) So we've got two of the biggest bloggers out there simply being manipulative (and financially exploitive) cowards: 

All they want their readers to hear/read/ponder is what they say, or what agrees with them, which is exactly the combination that lost the Right the last election - just as I (also) told them they would - after their utterly convinced, but ultimately gullible, supporters informed me they didn't need my (specifically black) vote or counsel. It was "in the bag" remember? Who convinced them of that?

Now I have to endure endless conservative talk about the need for minority voters.

Or, yes, even gays.

You distracted yet?

My treatment, by these two bloggers, is a perfect example of why distraction's necessary.

Politics ain't Jazz, Folks, and being regularly misled ain't cool:

"If you go into the arena, you're going to get your butt kicked."

We play together - or else,...

Phony Hallmark Cards Are Better Than Real Love Notes

"Everything about [women] is a lie and you expect me to tell the truth? 
Fuck you!" 
- Chris Rock
Also, Hunter S. Thompson had two rules, relevant to feminist suggestions for Mother's Day:
"Beware of enthusiasm and of love, both are temporary and quick to sway." 
"Never do anything the person standing in front of you can’t understand."
In other words, never trust what she says - or let her know you can think.

Live a lie and force everyone else to - just like women do - but insist everyone call it "truth," no matter how outlandish it is, whether it has any support from reality, or anyone dies.

And - please - be thankful that "sugar and spice" you're protecting yourself from

"Thanks" (For Nothing,...)

Here's a quote, related to the last post, but still worthy of mention:
“If Jesus came back and saw what was being done in his name, he’d never stop throwing up.” 
Woody Allen, Hannah and Her Sisters
To Ann Althouse and her "sisters" - including Jane Fonda - I rest my case:

 Fuck your Mother's Day - I'll stick with respecting women who are respectable,...

Women Consider Vomiting In Your Mouth To Be A Meal

It seems pretty obvious here - after being asked the "really good question" of whether a doctor should save a child born alive during an abortion - this Planned Parenthood spokeswoman doesn't want to answer because: 

A) Blood will begin to drip from the corners of her mouth when she speaks 

B) It'll be revealed she's actually the grown-up girl from The Exorcist, still under the control of Satan, or 

C) She's a lying, bloodthirsty, descendant of a clone, made from Adolf Eichmann's anus, which she can't reveal lest she lose her job, where - when it comes to making the trains run on time - she excels beyond all of Planned Parenthood's expectations. 

Meanwhile, yesterday, that goofy fucking blogging horror show, Ann Althouse, actually wrote that I should call my mother - the woman who abandoned me to the fates, producing this bundle of joy - "to thank her for not aborting." 

The fucking nerve. (This leads me to a further understanding of how narcissist's always continue to seek praise - reflection on anything other, than their own sense of their wonderfulness, is not their strong suit. They never point out their own faults - reasons why no one would want to thank them for inflicting themselves on us.) Word to your mother: 

To deliver a man into the Hell women have made, and then insist we regularly thank them for not killing us instead, is a nice twist on feminism's evil.

It's no wonder I no longer cry when I hear of father's wiping out their entire families - it's pretty obvious they got the impulse from their wives. This new "Mad Dad" probably got upset no one ever thanked him for not doing it sooner.

Well, sorry, Ladies - including that dust-filled cavity known as the Althouse - but I will not be calling anyone for a chance to taste death's second serving, thank you,...  

Thursday, March 28, 2013

It Ain't "It's A Black Thang (You Wouldn't Understand)"

 David Weigel, over at Slate, posted this:
Above, you'll find a short video composed of the floor speeches some top Democrats made about SSM. At the time, Republicans wanted to block gay marriage in Massachusetts by amending the constitution with an official marriage definition. Democrats argued against that, but they didn't argue in favor of gay marriage. They argued that DOMA made such an amendment unneccessary. They assured people like Rick Santorum that the slippery slope case for gay marriage was bogus. 
The new Democratic advocates for SSM fall into two camps. The first consists of people who always liked the idea of this but worried about losing national elections. In his memoir, Democratic consultant Bob Shrum remembers John Kerry fretting that the Massachusetts Supreme Court had forced Democrats to talk about gay marriage before they were ready to. "Why couldn't they just wait a year?" he asked Shrum, mournfully. The second camp consists of people who really do oppose the idea of gay people getting married. Republicans argued that this second camp was tiny, and that liberals were hiding behind it. They were right!
I have said it, here, and I will continue to say it until I see different: 

 This entire debate - whether in the media, the halls of Washington, or the courts - is a lie. 

 Notice, my position - what Ann Althouse describes as California's - isn't being represented:
California, where voters amended the state constitution to restrict marriage to opposite-sex couples and where they permit civil unions that give gay people access to everything but the word "marriage." 
Because "marriage" is between a man and a woman. This ain't difficult. A union between two people of the same sex is called something else - take your pick, I'll endorse it. 
Ann argues gay unions having "everything" but a different descriptive is "almost equal treatment" - like I should take white Americans, describing me as a "black" American, to be an insult. 
Pure Al Sharpton-type thinking, so last century it's competing with The Walkman
Actually - when it comes to gays - that's about the only similarity with race I see,...

Ancient Teachings (From The Here And Now)

When it comes to maturity, some of us are practically walking tree rings:
"You cry and laugh like a child. I haven’t laughed in a long time, and I don’t even cry anymore. So which one of us is older?”
Based on that criteria, I've practically been George Burns - reborn - a few times already,...

A Story Of NewAge Is Online (And It's Known In Justice)

Occasionally someone online questions me about my wife, the murders, and all that - stating that, if I was telling the truth, she'd be in prison. Naturally, I tell them, if they understood the "spiritual" terrain they enforce for the cults, they'd also understand how idiotic their claims are - and the true meaning of "smoke and mirrors":
"Dale and Leilani Neumann were convicted in 2009 of reckless homicide following the death of their 11 year-old daughter, Madeline Kara Neumann,...Three and a half years later,...Dale and Leilani Neumann have yet to spend a single day behind bars."
See? I'm not (and never will be) your "nice guy" with the "right" set of "beliefs," so - as far as the rest of you are concerned, if only for your own selfish convenience - I can be telling the truth, and completely innocent, but I'm still the one who should be under a jail, while the guilty are love bombed until it's too late. Don't get me wrong: 

When it comes to my long-term mental outlook, it's nice, having charges of being a liar added to everything else. 

I mean, if they''re going to be wrong, be waaay wrong, right? Demand the Nazi ideas of "Mind/Body/Spirit" and "We Are All One" are slogans my WWII-obsessed ass will see and hear daily. Turn in anyone who doesn't agree - even on trumped up charges - but insist there's no connection as you do so. 

Yes, we must have mysticism in our lives, from homeopathy in Walmart to NewAge TV hosts, and those that feature folks who can supposedly talk to the dead, to presidential candidates who either favor their support (Obama/Oprah) or, like Mitt Romney, openly engage in such behavior themselves. We must never be normal.

Somehow, this generation has been brainwashed to think anyone who can see through the "spiritual" facade is guilty of,...something - and that something must be paid for - allowing the innocent to be crushed, while the guilty run free, hidden in a pastel embrace of the evil and naive. 

 You can decide which, you are, for yourself,...

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hanging Out, Going To The Movies, Looking At Girls,...


Bad (Not "Bad" Meaning Bad But "Bad" Meaning Good)

Larry Whilmore, The Daily Show's "Senior Black Correspondent," with some advice for Republicans that sounds awfully familiar:
"If you need to use blacks to reconstruct your party, try to find some blacks whose frame of reference is more current than the Reconstruction."

Erin In McClellandLand

Oh goodie - I've found a NewAge Democrat running for office - Pennsylvania's "New Kensington resident Erin McClelland, the director of a wellness center”:
"McClelland needs a compelling narrative to appeal to voters in Johnstown and Aliquippa. Former-ballerina-gone-curer-of-gastrointestinally-induced-depression just isn’t going to cut it as a storyline."
I don't know, it sounded like one Hell of a start to her,...

A Waste Of Space

Cracked Magazine has "5 Insane Private Schools You Won't Believe Actually Exist". At this point, all I could say back to them was "Try me,...":
"Of course, Maharishi schools vehemently deny being a cult, and there's certainly nothing cult-like about promising children magic powers as long as they go home and convert their parents."


Folks, this IS the 'The NeverEnding Story' filled with Buddhist propaganda,...

Gay, Joy, Marriage - Just Wrong From Top-To-Bottom,...

After adultery, some people still have honor, even if it's tarnished:
LOS ANGELES (AP) - In his first public speech since resigning as head of the CIA, David Petraeus apologized for the extramarital affair that "caused such pain for my family, friends and supporters." 
The hero of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars struck a somber, apologetic tone as he spoke to about 600 people, including his wife and many uniformed and decorated veterans, at the University of Southern California's annual ROTC dinner on Tuesday. 
"I know I can never fully assuage the pain that I inflicted on those closest to me and a number of others," Petraeus said.
"And a number of others." Sure. Even people he doesn't know. Adulterers can never know, because they're not like the rest of us. Because - through their willing actions and the pain they knowingly inflict on others - they stand apart from society. They don't care because nobody else matters. If they did, it never would've happened. You can't be a sociopath and feel as normal people do.

For instance, last night I watched Cindy Kleine's Phyllis & Harold, a documentary that Peter Hammond of Boxoffice Magazine called "One of the most profound movies about married life I have ever seen." But it's not really about "married life." It's about a selfish, stereotypically "dissatisfied" woman who enlists her two feminist daughter's help (one of whom is the filmmaker) to facilitate her life-long sexual betrayal of the husband who supported and adored them. How "profound" is her (and her daughter's) narcissism - and the constant betrayal that springs from it? Even when her husband dies, Phyllis has to be reminded his death isn't about her. 

And so, last night, I sat alone in the dark, mouth open in a silent scream, watching this suburban display of pure evil - stung - as though I had been attacked by bees. 

And now I wake up, and good ol' "General Betrayus" digs it all up again, because he's part of it. Another broken spoke in our newly-created NewAge society's wicked wheel. A monster who dedicated his life to lying about who and what he is, what's happening around us, and who we can trust. 

The good general can't know I'm now one of his "number of others."

I know the loathsome Cindy Kleine (and Peter Hammond) would've called his trysts "Scenes From A Marriage" or some shit, but they'd be wrong: 

David Petraeus is only engaged in a marriage now,...

That "Little Prayer" She Said For Me Didn't Work Either

You know how I feel about art and music - and the people that make them - so let's hear it for the news "Singer Dionne Warwick owes nearly $10 million in back taxes and has filed for bankruptcy":
Didn't she do the psychic infomercials for awhile? She should have "known" this was going to happen.
I knew that comment was going to happen - it's the first - and, taken together, they're extremely gratifying,...

Like Ann And Gays: He, Too, Was All About The Fashion

White Power. Black Power. Grrrl Power. Gay Power. Whatever's next. It doesn't matter what they put before the word "power," they're all striving hypocritical assholes to me, slithering around, trying to exploit anyone they can. I've been watching it my whole life:

These post-'70s Eldridge Cleaver types will say anything, but in the end, have always stood for nothing more than the power to con the naive and idiotic into focusing on their privates.
We compare football, which women are especially fond of watching. The big shoulders, the tight pants (bulge-enhancing,...)...Basketball players are dressed like very unattractive women or horribly oversized children..."It's completely not sexy."
Sigh. "Sexy". Yes, that's what professor and gay rights activist Ann Althouse finds important in a discussion about sports, people.

Trying to have a discussion with these people is like living with Janet Jackson's nipple slip at the Super Bowl - completely unprompted - all the time.

(I know, I re-used this photo, but it worked,...)

That switch - turning every topic of conversation into a reason to reference (and something to be subject to) that itch in their pants - is how you know who's "spiritual" today.

Or stupid.

Whichever it is, they make me stop caring about, pretty much, anything - and pretty fast.

See, what I'm thinking is, I could be writing "Kill Whitey!" for you to read. And that would be no different from me reading a certain twice-"married" white feminist, with a gay son, discussing the worth and role of men and tradition in society. 

Of course, if anyone did see me "go black" and write "Kill Whitey!" every day, the twice-"married" white feminist with a gay son would think I was a "bad man".

(Is it just me, or do those women, above, look like three dudes in drag?)

At least, I'd be less than a "good man" like San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, who is another of these *reasonable* defenders of "gay" marriage. Like Ann, he, too, is divorced (and twice "married") but was also busted for adultery with his best friend and campaign manager's wife - making him an even bigger (and better!) authority on the subject of how things should go than even Ann Althouse, who is incredulous anybody but someone like she and good ol' Gavin and her gay kid (with their hair, and pants, perpetually on fire) should call the shots:
"What a nutty set of things we're asked to believe! Who the hell is this stereotypical married man, constrained by what other people are forbidden to do? And why should his ridiculous, tenuous connection to norms carry the day? And how can obsessing over what makes him tick work to keep marriage focused on the raising of children and not on the emotional needs and desires of adults? It seems to be all about the needs and desires of adults — really ridiculous heterosexual male adults. 
Who are these people?!"

I don't know, but I do know it's impossible to have anything resembling a reasonable conversation, or a true debate, with someone who is so fucked up - so steeped in portraying any form of deviancy as anything but - the entire concept of straight upstanding men as a focus, and standard, of normalcy can seem "ridiculous" because (as the divorced, and supposedly-twice-married mother of a gay son) it centers around nothing they have cultivated.

Just like the racists of the 50s and 60s hadn't cultivated a relationship with blacks.

And, just as before, good and normal folks are trapped between the extremists. 

No, there's nothing wrong with you, Miss Ann, or "spiritual" gays - and your constant "search" for something "sexy" - it's the rest of "normal" society that has the problem:

It's been this way since the day Martin Luther King died - that's when people started listening to you Eldridge Cleaver "power" types, trying to get your little (very little) revenge on everybody for who-knows-what:

That was the point of the cod piece, all along,...