Thursday, August 31, 2023

Pills/Thrills/Going Broke/Getting Woke



 Poor Americans Skip Meals, Can't Afford Power Bills, Miss Rent Payments, In Era Of 'Bidenomics'
EXPERTS: "Donald Trump was democratically elected and is subject to congressional oversight, judicial review by the courts and must run to be reelected. The President of the United States is also constitutionally limited by law to no more than two terms (eight years) as president. None of this matches the history or narrative of cult leaders"

Nigga, Is You Crazy?


 Not all blacks are open to religious instruction. But, they persist - and we still ain't buying.
In a new MSNBC article titled, Sharpton schools rappers who have been ‘seduced by Trump’, Rev. Al (who's looking like a Funeral Director these days) offers rappers these bars - which, sadly, do not even attempt to rhyme - in an effort to increase our meager civil rights education: 

"Let’s go to the 1990s, when five Black and brown young men were falsely accused of raping a white woman in Central Park. It was Donald Trump that took out ads in the papers in New York saying they should get the death penalty. So if they want to cite how Blacks have been abused by the criminal justice system, cite the case where we marched and eventually it was proven these five young men — that Donald Trump called on to get the death penalty — was in fact innocent.

OK, so Al's asking us to remember all of that - which means also going back in time to his unfortunate "James Brown" period - as we're considering what he's telling us now, in his more recent, more slick MSNBC-friendly guise. Fine. Whatever. None of this is pleasant for anyone involved, but I try to do as I'm asked, for my people: I do miss that medallion, tho.


As a black man, known A) to rap now and then B) to clearly remember these events, and C) to have also been seduced by The Dark Side, I took Al's call personally, and as seriously as I could. 


 Which wasn't much. The Central Park Five is an old story, I've heard too many times before, and always from dubious "spiritual" types. People who make a big deal of their religious background, but who are always proven not to be tied too-tightly to reality, or morality, as I understand them. The Uber-Catholic Joe Biden is a perfect example of who'd bring it up. And a perfect example of no one correcting him, or maybe knowing how to correct him, even when he's 100% wrong. The media wasn't clamoring to do it, then or now. It's crazy-making.


Exhibit "B": When They See Us, the Netflix movie executive produced by Obama's 2013 Medal of Freedom winner, Oprah Winfrey, the queen of NewAge, AKA being totally "out there," so not above telling a racist fib or two or three on film. 

The woman who promoted a guy who killed three people, before she "moved on."


"Moved on" to her Best Life, which included telling this lie, which was a doozy. 


Because - unlike in another Netflix movie (Oprah didn't produce) where she's promoting a rapist,... 


   When They See Us has her promoting five convicted sex criminals, and - because of her - people have totally bought it. I mean, one of these guys has now entered politics. Evidence be damned. How do you like them apples?
Evidence? Go back to the phrase "falsely accused": Before the cops even knew the nature of crime they were dealing with, one of the boys, Raymond Santana (purple scarf, above) said, "I had nothing to do with the rape. All I did was feel the woman's (breasts)." And, as Ann Coulter noted, "All five boys confessed - four on videotape with adult relatives present and one with a parent present, but not on videotape." So no one "accused" anyone of anything: they gave themselves away. That's inescapable reality, not a movie. So why are the CP5 free?

Because of Matias Reyes, the serial rapist who should be known as the Central Park Sixth. He was one of the lead actors in the attack, but not part of the CP5's group of friends. In prison, the CP5 forced him to take the blame for everything that happened that night, a bullshit confession that wasn't hard for authorities to accept since A) Reyes was the only one who left clear DNA evidence, and B) it would make people like Al Sharpton tone it down about America being racist. Hell, New York even threw in some walking around money. Problem solved.


So now it's Trump is a racist - which is toning it down by severely limiting the parameters - but brings us back to another now-long-standing lie blacks still ain't buying, because we deal in an identifiable reality, and morality. Some of us, anyway. The blacks with long memories. Who, nowadays, ain't always most rappers.

But anyone old enough to probably not seek advice from an MSNBC Al.

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Crack Keeps The Press (And Everybody Else) Quiet


 How can this 2004 Dave Chappelle special open with a description of Gavin Newsom's San Francisco, featuring crackheads and open criminality, yet the media is just now asking when, why, and how everything went wrong - like they don't know? 


 How can a laptop that belongs to Hunter Biden, and features crack smoking and international criminality, be suppressed by social media, so the press can pretend they don't know? 


 How can Barack Obama smoke crack with a man and have sex with him, but the media never really tells us until now, like that's no longer their job?

Gay (But NOT Exactly Happy)

"I smoked crack with Barack Obama and had sex with him"
Ellen DeGeneres falsely announced DEAD

Fucks News (Once You've Heard It You Can't Unhear It)

State of the Nation: Idiocracy. Maybe that's just my neck of the woods, but Idiocracy it is.
Our schools think the Gadsden flag has its "origins in slavery"? That means our schools aren't even very good, anymore. They've just completely checked out. Of being schools. What are they?
Sadly, Cocaine Mitch is also checking out, and we all know what comes next for him. The silencing of a brilliant strategic mind is a terrible thing to witness. Let him down easy, GOP: He's served his party, and his nation well. The tortoise won his race.
Joe Biden's checking out, too, but fuck him. Like Hillary, he's only served himself. Kick him on his way out the door. He's used to falling by now. Make him flail a little. We don't see enough flailing.
Vivek Ramaswamy and Andrea Mitchell started sparring in a testy interview, until I actually started liking the guy. I can see him as Trump's VP. Everybody thought it was Ron until they heard Ron. But what's a guy gonna do about his vocal cords? There ain't shit he can do about his vocal cords. So Ron is fucked every time he opens his mouth. And he won't shut-up.
Which leaves Donald Trump, vowing to lock up his political enemies if he returns to White House, after they opened a can o' whoop ass on him. Which is only right: This is Banana Republic shit. And we, thanks to the Democrats, are now a Banana Republic. So lock 'em up. Every last one of 'em. And do it with a televised show trial. Because America deserves a televised show trial. Because everybody loves a televised show trial. Come on: It's got the word "show" right in the title. 

And that's got "Trump" written all over it.

Bill's Blessed: Women Felt The Prick (And The Media And Public Twist The Knife)

Is Bill Clinton the first three-time rapist to get a media, and public, so controlled and gaslit, they're only obsessed with, and focussed on his consensual affairs, like no others exist?

Isn't it obvious by now, America's so awash in Clinton lies, we're drowning?


 And as we drown, hasn't it always been obvious, they're being protected?


The media's "celebrating" the Lewinsky affair kicking off 25 years ago this month, but, what this should actually be, is the beginning of a reckoning - for rape - that Bill Clinton so richly deserves.
And Monica's, too, if you want to get down to it. That girl ain't been all that at all.

The Democrats Are - Easily - The Worst Losers In American History

Hillary Clinton gives women a bad name.

The Macho Response: Don't Believe Anything (Anybody Ever Says) Ever Again

National Archives Confirms 5,400 Emails, Records Containing Alleged VP Biden Pseudonyms

Because this is the NewAge, so our politicians are dishonest
READY, FIRE, AIM: The Pseudoscience of Infodemiology

Because this is the NewAge, so the world's journalists are dishonest
Veterinary homeopathy is worse than ineffective

Because this is the NewAge, so now even Science is dishonest
Wellness retreats might be ‘manipulating people’ 

Because this is the NewAge, so their spirituality is dishonest (and goofy-looking)
My Mother Was My First Cult Leader

Because this is the NewAge, so western women are dishonest
I tried to move my sofa alone because I 'didn't need a man' to help me - but I got pinned underneath it and firefighters had to rescue me 

Because this is the NewAge, so most people are dishonest even to themselves


 The Wu-Tang rapper who sliced off his genitals - to make the Burning Man crowd "happy"

Because this is the NewAge, and they're the most dishonest of them all.

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Six Ways: How "Late" Was The Late Show (And Were It's Viewers) Really?


Chuck Schumer said the intelligence community has "six ways from Sunday" to get back at Trump. 


 #1: Is Donald Trump Working For Russia?


  #2: Trump Is Fighting For Russia, Fighting With Canada


  #3: Trump And Putin Sitting In A Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G (Democracy Goodbye)


  #4: Stephen Colbert Rented The 'Trump Pee Pee Tape' Hotel Room.


  #5: Stephen Colbert Tells Adam Schiff What Russian Oligarch Revealed About 'Pee Tape'


 #6:  Robert Mueller Wants The Pee-Pee Tape

TMR Coffee: Booty Headlines, Bogus Quotes, And Ugly Jokes (For Your Head)


"If Mitt Romney [had done] the things Barack Obama did, Democrats would be screaming" 

“Suppose we got it wrong and the crazies are the TV people in suits and $300 haircuts?”


 Then, Obama would have to face the question, "Cake or Death?"
Cake or Death: "Some people just want to watch the world burn, and their willingness to share conspiracy theories has nothing to do with their actual belief in them." They're just attention-seeking, cake-eating assholes.
Speaking of attention-seeking, cake-eating assholes: 'Burning Man' Has Turned Into A Place Where Rich People Can Cosplay As 'Poor' - without the poor judging them
“If I die rich, I die a traitor to the cause of Christ and to the Gospel.” Like everyone else.
BTW - Jen Psaki Isn’t Telling the Truth about Being a Late-Term Abortion: We know her story 


Kurt Vonnegut on the Shapes of Stories

Monday, August 28, 2023

Public Broadcasting Perfected The Doc-U-Shit-On-Me


 It's outstanding production values - coupled with blatant lies of omission - that make FRONTLINE such a terrible documentary program. If you understand A) Hillary and the Democrat's Russia Hoax, and B) they've all been triggered since Election Night 2016, then it's easy to see this particular episode is dishonest from beginning to end. There's no way our tax dollars should be funding anything like this. Not even close. 

The Dish Network

NewAge: Chicago news crew robbed at gunpoint while covering armed robbery 


Eminem sends Vivek Ramaswamy a letter demanding he stop rapping his music 
4,000 Americans are hospitalized each year with a 'foreign object' lodged in their rectums

TMR's Obligatory Monday Morning Cult Post

In Horizon’s ‘Rooted,’ a YouTuber who lives in a tree accidentally starts a cult, because of how attractive living in a tree is, to people living in 2023. 

Are there people still living in 2023? 


 VIDEO: How Football Clubs Became Cults - or see the previous link
Is a San Francisco 'Sex Cult' Subjecting People to Abuse? (I should certainly hope so)
I would believe Former Rep. Joe Walsh when he says ‘Donald Trump Is A Cult Leader’ And The GOP ‘Is A Cult’ except the participation of Donald Trump and the GOP in the democratic process kinda fucks that whole theory up
Inside the Upper West Side cult that told members to sleep with anyone who asked, and (hopefully) made the Upper West Side very, very happy
And a ‘disproportionate number of Jews’ in America get involved in cults, an anti-Semitic expert says - BUT that's what the Jews get for rejecting the eternal love and enlightening message of America's Lord and Savior, Jesus H. Christ Almighty. Get in your cult, Jews. Stay in your cult.