Monday, April 26, 2021

In France This Would Be OK (If You Slept With Him)

When You're Told Not To Do NewAge Shit And You Do (There Should Be A Cost)

 The idea of NewAge morons - finally seizing-up in defiance of common sense - is, nowadays, quite gratifying. After years of watching them, smugly doing the opposite, it really does raise a smile.

I seriously don't like these people.

The Democrats Lies Are Debunked Too Easily (To Get Away With Them Anymore) says "It’s been exactly one year since Trump suggested injecting bleach. We’ve never been the same", completely forgetting A) President Trump didn't "suggest" anything - he asked a question - and:
B) Coming long after Oprah’s long and problematic history of embracing pseudoscience, President Tump was only reacting as we've all been told to - by President Obama's sidekick - for decades.

And I dare ANYONE to hold her accountable for misleading us.



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The Sect's Unearned Honor (You Just Have To Be Nearby)

Her Brother Was Tortured to Death by Members of a Cult, Including Their Own Mother, but that's what she gets, if she wasn't on the lookout for "collapsing new people" in her area.

PLUS: Nicole Kidman Serves Vaguely Eastern European Cult-Leader Realness in Nine Perfect Strangers Trailer, and good for her, because - as Tom Cruise's ex-wife - she should know how this sort of thing is done.

How's The Media Manipulation Comin', Democrats? (Look At The Dates And See)

 - By Jeff Chidester, Tony Lucadamo, Molly Reynolds, November 28, 2016

- David Lightman, Mcclatchy, DECEMBER 13, 2016

 - Stephen Collinson, CNN, April 26, 2021

GOP Logic

Taking down Black Lives Matter promises a better political payoff - and is way easier - than taking down Bill Clinton, with his four vetted rape accusers, who've waited 30 years for justice.

Anybody can see that.

Sunday, April 25, 2021

There's No Escape (From Spiritual Rape)

Temple leader allegedly raped four women telling them he was 'an incarnation of God' because - let's face it - the only people saying NOT to believe foolishness are "disrespectful to religion".

NewAge's Worth Has Still Not Got Through (Obama/Oprah Has No Legacy Either)

"Jerry Rubin,...spent the '70s sampling a smorgasbord of New Age trends. By the '80s,...Rubin was an entrepreneur who organized networking salons for young professionals. In 1984,...I saw him predict,...Bill Clinton in 1992, and his policies did bear some resemblance to the "neoliberal" ideas that Rubin espoused,...But Clinton didn't exactly usher in the millennium that Rubin promised, and neither did the three boomer presidents who followed him."



The Way The Democrats Forget Bill Clinton Is A Four-Time Rapist Is Amazing

Homeopathy's First "Cure" Was Malaria (But It's Been Failing My Life Ever Since)

When my French wife left me for a French homeopath, with the German name "Wohlfahrt", people were happy for her - she'd met a doctor!
The fact it's unethical to leave your spouse for another person didn't bother anyone. Nor did the fact I'd done nothing to deserve abandonment. Or the fact this "doctor" was sleeping with the daughter of his patient - right after the patient died under his care AND he'd written a book saying, specifically, doctors shouldn't do that - whatever: he was a doctor, and unethical bastards wanted him to have sex!
Since then, the French, British, German, and even Indian governments (and more) are admitting homeopathy is NOT Science - which means Wohlfahrt's NOT a doctor.
Wohlfahrt is a fraud, because for over 200 years - to everyone but unethical idiots still living in The Dark Ages - homeopathy has always been just water.
So - based on the role other people played in my marriage - I'm concluding no one (but especially my wife's "friends") liked me - or her - very much. Or else they wouldn't have talked her into making us both look like total fools.

Why Weren't We Taught About The Stock Market In School? Because Wolves Don't Teach The Sheep How To Get Away (The Same Rule Applies To Africa)

The narrator is problematic, but the series is deep - and much appreciated.

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Heaven Can Wait (And So Can Respect For Those Monsters Who Believe In It)

Quick Picks

Women are excellent image-makers.
Stupid is as stupid does.
Like, he's campaigning with Oprah, and they're calling me a Nazi.
No comment.

Don't Be Racist Against The White Guys (Let White Republicans Speak On Race)

I don't know about anyone else, but, I'm getting sick of the Republicans rolling out Senator Tim Scott every time they find themselves losing on race. I'm also getting sick of him being willing to do it. It's tired, and he's looking like an Uncle Tim, and it's becoming a charade, they can't maintain for very much longer, because - despite the fact I love Tim Scott - the Republican Party HAS to start recognizing blacks see Tim Scott as the distraction he's being used as: their own 2012 Republican Party election autopsy is the issue - it said they (the right, not blacks) have a race problem - and proves the necessity of someone (other than Tim Scott) now being able to "talk the talk" to the rest of America. Starting with explaining why they ignored their own 2012 Republican Party election autopsy, after all these years and all this strife.

Mitch McConnell has a solid civil rights background. Can't he defend the GOP? Can Jim Jordan suppress his rage, long enough to talk sense to people who don't look like him? Can anyone else, in the Republican Party, relate to another human being (and avoid using the word "plantation") other than Tim Scott? 

That's what's disgusting about the Republicans: They can be "the party that freed the slaves", but they aren't the party down with who they freed. They'e good at scaring the bejesus out of everybody, or disgusting us - or showing their overwhelming love and acceptance for one politician, who's more-than-a-little-too-willing to be used.

Tim Scott is NOT going to be able to cover all that up by himself.

Friday, April 23, 2021

Harvey Milk Raped A Man And Kidnapped A Child (But Gays Are Mad At Tucker)

Tucker Carlson condemned by LGBTQ+ activists after yearbook page goes viral is a dumb story, because everything about it (Carlson's yearbook comments, his stupid comments after they were discovered, the condemnation and outrage from gays, the newspaper articles - literally everything) is premised on the lie Dan White killed Harvey Milk for being gay - Not true: Dan White killed Harvey Milk over a betrayal Milk orchestrated, as an evil low-lifed member of the People's Temple cult. Harvey Milk helped steal an election - just like the Democrats did during our last one.

 For some reason, the fact there are people who worship that asshole-licking asshole - and the truth about him isn't being told by those claiming the moral high ground -  never gets anyone upset.

One Of My Most Famous Friends Died (And - Like Fame - Sooner Than Expected)

Greg Jacobs was a good one: I met him in the late '80s, when I was in The Beatnigs and he was hustling his Underwater Rimes 12-inch. He'd never seen anything like us. But then, later, he showed us how it was really done, when the world got to "doing the Humpty-Hump" with him, and then Tupac blew up through Gregg's band, Digital Underground. A head-spinning level of success. He still came to my shows after all that. Anonymously, just to show encouragement and be a friend. Like I said: Greg was a good one.

R.I.P., Shock-G. You're already missed.