Saturday, November 30, 2013

Holocaust U.S.A.: "When It's All Over, I'll Still Be Indian"

I'm Assuming This Is Supposed To Mean Something,...

White Baby Boomers Went Through "A Decline In Moral Values" AFTER Jim Crow - That's Why Blacks Like Them

New Day (Same Shit) II

New Day (Same Shit)

Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday Night (Bracing Myself For An Exciting Tomorrow)


Monkey Brains

Can you imagine the movies we'd be watching if someone bothered to show the real story of America? Sweeney Todd, anyone?

What Americans don't know is more fascinating than what we do,...

Lie About France? Ha! The World Owes Me An Apology

- TMR, July 1, 2009

- CNN, November 29, 2013

Cultists Catch A Break (The Average Black Never Will)

Face it - We need some kind of early warning system:

When it comes to being at home? It is "that simple":

We just keep discovering it after-the-fact,...

12 Years Online (We're Watching Whites Watching Us)

Forget The Knockout Game, Drudge can't deny this is real:

“For best results, follow these simple steps:

1. Pick a crime trend – or make one up! Consider only street crimes. Crimes against humanity by America or its allies, crimes by Wall Street bankers, American corporations or middle-class white people over the age of 21 do not count. Crimes by white men do not a trend make.

Funny - for all his "reporting" - Glenn "Get Yer Guns" Reynolds keeps missing when (and how) it happens, too. But, even with such a glaring oversight - and this ugly trend he contributes to - everyone still wonders (and bugs me about) why I don't listen to his harassing garbage.

Get real:

I've long seen what he's about,...

A Real Challenge (And TMR Favorite) Made It Onto TV

"Honestly, the god in me, don't allow for modesty,..."

Hmmm. Apparently somebody at Lionsgate really messed up (The Mad Men Theme, below) and, in so doing, ensured I'll have RJD2's newest, bestest, weak at the knees but hard as day-old jello soundscapes (above) until the day that sucker stops,...or drops. 

Ain't that a bitch. 

A clear and definite reason to live:

At this point, it's kind of embarrassing,...

Slaves Are Still Singing Spirituals With Double Meanings

"The treatment of enslaved Black people was generally characterized by degradation, dehumanization, and fatal brutalities. The violent tactics of whippings, rapes and executions was a normal way of life for them. Men were stripped of any form of pride and self respect by being humiliated in front of his family. Women were often taken from their husbands and raped at their owner’s discretion which further diminished the black man’s sense of self worth as well as the woman’s self esteem (Dubois, The Souls Of Black Folk, 1903).

The brutal treatment of Black people continued well after slavery legally ended, through the days of Jim Crow, Civil Rights, and, to a certain extent today. The trauma caused by this psychological brutality resulted in severe damaged to the mind of the victims, which manifested as an identity crisis, self hate,  low self worth, and  a distrust of the world at large. This mentality has been passed down through generations.

Today, conditions such as low socioeconomic status, social deprivation, inadequate education, high unemployment, and the criminal industrial complex has reinforced this negative mentality, which has and  still affects behavior in the Black community today, including young black boys."

And all in the name of "Freedom",...

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Things The Unloved Are Thankful For (Thanksgiving V)

Things The Unloved Are Thankful For (Thanksgiving IV)

William S. Burroughs' Thanksgiving Prayer is now a TMR ritual.


 And I mean, come on - it's Thanksgiving,...

Things The Unloved Are Thankful For (Thanksgiving III)


A vision of men, unquestionably different from whatever they're selling,...

Things The Unloved Are Thankful For (Thanksgiving II)

Anyone (PW comes to mind) brave enough to see the world as it is,...

Things The Unloved Are Thankful For (Thanksgiving I)

Women who are happy to fight.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Black Bedtime Stories (Before The Turkey Day Disaster)

Some perspective, in case anybody wants to insist on the delusion that black slaveowners, white slaves, or free blacks were some major phenomena:

 Flash-forward, to my birth, 100 years after The Civil War (when, supposedly, all the bad stuff ended) and white society still hadn't come to it's senses - while claiming they were behaving normally. Whites still worked over-time, before "Say It Loud - I'm Black And I'm Proud!" trying to convince blacks like me we were the ones with the problem. They expect to walk away from that decades-long mindfuck, without it being mentioned, too.

You see, they want my help in claiming everything happened long ago.

And now, somehow, we're supposed to buy the story blacks should be happy and/or satisfied watching whites posing as authorities on everything - but, especially, justice, ethics and (as the divorce and adultery rate shows) morality - while openly spending the money blacks made once whites gave themselves a multi-century free ride.

Or is it that we should just take our lumps and let them go about their business? 

Either way, what a weird thing to expect us to be thankful for,...