Monday, June 21, 2021

What Is Bitcoin? (Explained)

Elon Musk is an asshole.

Pick Your Poison

They're moving right past what's always concerned me - their silly belief systems - to try and get me to attack myself. 

Face It (The Kids Were NOT Alright)

America's created a culture, juiced on a bullshit religion, partially snaked from a franchise that - out of nine - has only produced two good films. And, as the nation steadily declines, they simply refuse to put two-and-two together.

How Can TMR Tell American Politics Isn't To Be Taken Seriously? (BINGO)

"Deep spiritual harm" - yes, that's the solid, mature, intellectual stuff, TMR always expected to be hearing, by 2021.

"That's What I Want To Know"

What the hell do we do when some people in our country want to tell a self-pitying, wrongheaded “story,” one that shows the deep lack of empathy in their hearts? One that displays the same racist lack of fellow feeling that their ancestors once used to justify separating parents from children? That’s what I want to know.

-Rebecca Onion, Slate Magazine

Shocking News: From The World Of No News (It's All Smooth Sailing From Here)

On a planet featuring two generations, weened on NewAge Nazi Narcissism, and all functioning with a stern belief in whatever unchecked-crackpot bullshit they believe? NO WAY!

Somebody's Not Trying To "Build A More Perfect Union" (So There Won't Be One)

It's too hard - to even consider standing with people attacking blacks over "woke" - when Americans should be coming together, to stop something like this. But - that's the way the right always goes: anytime there's a lull in the action, pick on the niggers. It's fucking sport. 

 Bill & Hillary Clinton: Trump made like they were going down, and the right howled with laughter, and demanded their heads - and then dropped it. 

 But getting the niggers - that never gets old. 

 They just can't conceive of being more careful.


America The Beautiful

'Vampire Cult Killer' is normal nowadays. Cult anything used to be weird and unusual. Now it's normal. It's so common it can barely make the news. It gets beaten out for space by what's happening with Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez. Whole worlds - ripped apart - for what, at best, may become a sketchy Netflix documentary, one day. And all everyone will say is they didn't know

As I carry an unrelenting shame at what we've become.

Don't Talk Enough About Women's Mental Problems (They Have A Lot Of Them)

Look at that face. She's glowing. Women rarely look truly happy, unless they're pretending to be pregnant, snatching other people's babies, killing babies, cutting them out of other women's stomachs, trying to be sexually attractive, or carrying on affairs - and basically being murderous sexualized fantasists - so, TMR thinks nobody's seriously addressed women's mental problems, in my lifetime.

Everybody's too busy trying to make insanity acceptable.

If The Porn Tape Didn't Make Everything Clear (Kim's A True Media Whore)

When a woman talks her mother into showing her daughter sucking a black guy's dick - to the worldTMR thinks "thirsting for fame" is an understatement.

Good Lord, Make It Stop

It Takes Two To Tango (But Everybody Blames The Man)

A wife cheats on her husband - with his father - but nobody blames the owner of the vagina, who spends all her waking moments trying to look ultra-fuckable

 Anyone truly familiar, with the loosey-goosey part of life known as women's values, would blame the owner of the vagina.

Women Are NOT The Niggers Of The World (They Dance On Tables Themselves)

TMR knew - as soon as we heard John Lennon first say it - that Yoko Ono had told him a lie, and he was just being a pussy-whipped douche, repeating it: 

 That "nigger" line is a lie women have been telling on men - and capitalizing on - ever since, the deceitful whores.

 Women turn themselves into niggers - and they're PROUD of it. They find being the niggers of the world "liberating". 

We Watched Jeff Bezos Become An Absolute Monster (And Instapundit Is Proud)

He cheated on his wife - for a woman who looks like The Joker - as he became Lex Luthor right before our eyes.

Keep his ass in orbit, so we don't have to look at him.

The Obsession (With WHITE)

The Asshole's Need To "Share" Photos Of Themselves (Are Annoying As Fuck)

I get it - you're happy with the results - but why do you think I care

NARCISSISM - that's what you should really be working on. And working on eliminating it from your dumb ass.

America Has A Lot Of Shitty Stupid People (With Money)

 "Set up camp on any square of sidewalk that they declare to be their own"? 

TMR doesn't 'get' the rich person's "logic" here: if someone is homeless, how are they doing anything, but being homeless? Is there some imaginary sidewalk or doorway, somewhere, this writer imagines they can sit upon?

White People Don't Give A Fuck About Their Brand (Unless They're Holding Guns)

The city where a Juneteenth parade is fine, but 4th of July parade is canceled is making a statement, about how badly whites have damaged the "American" brand, for other Americans. Whites' always-arrogant, always-obstinate, always if-you-get-anything-there's-gonna-be-a-fight attitude is enough to make anybody hate this place.

And those who created it.

A Douche Is Demanding A Debate With A Dummy (To Do Dialogue A Disservice)

This smiling douche is Chris Rufo. He's smiling because (like a lot of white people) he thinks he's clever. He thinks that because he's challenged an idiot - NBC's Joy Reid - to a debate on race. But debating an idiot on race doesn't make any kind of statement on America's race issues (unless you want to talk bad schooling in the U.S.). At best, it'll make a statement about idiots, appearing on American television: TMR has no idea why Joy Reid even has a job). 

If this douche wants to impress TMR, racially, he should try debating someone who is NOT an idiot, or in the media very often - like Ta-Nahisi Coates or Bryan Stevenson or The Crack Emcee. Black people, who *official white defenders* avoid, because the challenge is too great.

 Somehow, we don't think he'd maintain that smile, very long.

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Whether Sexual Predators Should Be On U.S. TV Should NOT Be A Hard Choice

No - Toobin for the obvious reason of being a repeat offender - but, of course, the media (which is depraved) doesn't even consider Tavis Smiley's considerable cult connections when evaluating his worth to the culture

 Which - as far as TMR is concerned - is none.

Get The Niggers - Ignore The Clintons (Bill Clinton's Killed Black Men For Sport)

I feel sorry for the right, when I see them digging a racial hole - thinking they're gonna crawl out of it - but they never will:

Because they keep digging.


TMR thinks any woman capable of working as a U.S. Prosecutor, and sleeping with a talking-to-the-dead TV con artist like Montel Williams - as he ripped-off gullible Americans by the millions - is either crooked enough, or craven enough (or stupid enough) to be capable of doing anything, to anyone. And especially to black people.

Get her stupid whoring ass outta here.

France - As Expected - Has Stopped Thinking (Because The French Can't Think)

"68% shunned the polling stations – an unprecedented rate of abstention."

The French are such losers that they - literally - no longer know what to do with themselves. It's hilarious, to think the Democrats have ever wanted to emulate them, in any way.

CinemaSins Articulates How TMR Feels (Dealing With Most People Alive Today*)


"Is this guy really the main character? The protaginist? I can't really relate to his money-based racism. Or his wife's worry-wort demeanor. Both kids are fucking assholes and stupid. Who am I supposed to be rooting for here?"

* Or Glenn Reynolds, Ann Althouse, and posts featuring her fucking son.


Cult gadfly The Crack Emcee is on a controversial crusade to prove that Steve Hassan and Slate Magazine don't know what-the-Hell they're talking about - even when discussing one another.

Learn The Terms Of The Cults (They Can Save Your Life)

 Translation: a con artist was arrested for posing as a Doctor

Reality Check: There is no such thing as a "Homeopathy Doctor" - only NewAge con artists who have the gullible calling real Physicians by the cult's term - "Allopaths".

Word: Ken Wilber's new book is an excellent example of the "post-truth world" and how bullshit NewAge cult leaders sell their lies. Ken Wilber IS the "post-truth world" he's (supposedly) enlightening us on.