Wednesday, October 28, 2020

The Truth About US Cults and Cultism In The World? The Rest Of Y'all Ain't There, Yet (You've Just Scratched The Surface) But, You're Getting Warmer

When The Macho Response began, after the phenomena of cultism started destroying my wife and life, the constant refrain I heard - from every corner of the globe - was "there are no cults". 


Nobody says that anymore.


No, nobody says "there are no cults", today. Not after the NewAge hit the world full-force, with QAnon, all these quacks and anti-vaccine cults, the fantacist “Cult Mom” killing her kids to run away with a guy spouting nonsense, the documentaries, movies, and TV shows (which I predicted, here, around 2011) and, now, NXIVM’s own “Vanguard”, Keith Raniere, a homegrown cult leader, I assumed (after watching him get away with it since 2007), would be creating his horny harem of silly Stepford wives for the rest of his life, just got 120 years.

Like so many others affected by cultism, it's far too late for this new, post-pandemic, flush of enlightenment to change my life for the better, but, whenever the world realizes Oprah is it’s most powerful woman, for no other reason than she wasn’t a (black) “man” and so, could lead other gullible women to guys like this asshole - all to try and escape reality - boy howdy.

THAT’s gonna be an enlightenment-level of "woke" empowerment, I don't think, the planet's ready to accept. And I don't wanna miss.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

How To Spot The Fascists

I find it hard to understand how biased late-night shows told 97 percent of their gags about Trump in September and almost NONE about the Democrat candidate - but the left's supporters never noticed anything.

There's also gambling going on in Rick's Cafe, Guys,...

2020: TMR Got Zucked

So, I’m back to posting here because facebook says I did something (I didn’t do) and, today, they "informed" me they don’t have enough staff, post-pandemic, to check and see if they’re correct in their punishment (they’re not) so I’m getting screwed, when it comes to reaching other people, until after the election. 

Thanks, facebook, I won’t forget it. 

Oh, America

The Crack Emcee, Ice Cube, And 50 Cent Would Make A Good Album

Now that 50 Cent has joined Ice Cube in erndorsing Donald Trump for President, it's obvious TMR's been leading a crusade - of and for black men - whether anyone else was aware of it or not.

Democrats Don't Like Facts

It's now a fact: Some Democrat politicians would rather say President Trump incites Domestic Terrorism, than admit - they're so awful at reaching their own constituents - some want them dead.

Monday, October 19, 2020

NewAge Is Seeing A Little Daylight Again


The left is 100% positive they can spot NewAge fascism - now that it's also on the right. As long as it was just on the left, they saw (and still see) nothing.
Meanwhile, Don Lemon thinks nothing of calling Oprah for help with Ice Cube, when Cube's reputation for integrity is better than Lemon and Oprah's, put together.

Be Here Now, Then, Later, Whatever

Imagine, living in a time when all the “smart” people hate the President, and his party, as both are asking citizens (of average intelligence) to ”trust science.”

But, this is long after the OTHER PARTY’S most trusted woman has already given a quack like Dr. Deepak Chopra a long career in bullshit, made a quack like Dr. Oz into “America’s Doctor”, loosed Rogerian nursing cults on the nation’s hospitals, turned "Dr. Phil" into whatever he is, and the scientists on her “side” are openly worshiping a “high priestess” instead of data

Actually, you don’t have to imagine it. 

Look around.

The Theranos Effect

Vanity Fair thinks "Saturday Night Live Has a Jim Carrey Problem" when Vanity Fair, Saturday Night Live AND Jim Carrey ALL have Jim Carrey's problem: The NewAge Movement

After all, Vanity Fair is the former home of the late, great Christopher Hitchens, investigative journalist extraordinaire, who surely would've winced when SNL announced Carrey's hiring, remembering there's a pandemic going on, and Carrey was, and is, an early NewAge leader of The Anti-Vaccine Movement. I don't think, Hitch would've thought, in this, any further magical thinking was called for. 

Did Saturday Night Live (along with Vanity Fair?) somehow miss Carrey's past, or did they just never ask him about how he and Jenny McCarthy were once nonsensically encouraging an entire worldwide movement? And, if so, how? Or does the media, now, just not care who's been misinforming everyone, from the President of the United States to the rest of the world (and/or the rest of us) on knowing how we got here? 

Carrey joined the NewAge in 2007, with his career (and increasingly gargoylish appearance) taking a Dumb & Dumber 2-type U-turn with it, so, how seeing this washed-up, unhinged, anti-science, religious fanatic is supposed to cheer us up every weekend, also could've been demanded to be known by Hitch's old comrades, but isn't. So why even have a media? To sell us scary headlines about how The Anti-Vaccine Movement is hooking-up with the QAnon cult, but NOT to tell us the show everyone's watching - for  Joe Biden being played in aviator glasses - has anything to do with all that?

Or anything to do with anything. With Vanity Fair and the rest of this media, you'd barely know Carrey's part of a "Celebrity Anti-Vaccination Squad" with fellow Democrats, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and fellow SNL co-star Robert De Niro (pictured in 2016). You'd think that whole anti-vaxx thing was just in his past, or maybe it was just him and his old flame, Jenny.

Because, if you believe that, then Kennedy's stirring up QAnon-related anti-government trouble in Germany last month over vaccines (as he's done, here, many times before) stays unconnected to Carrey, or De Niro.

Except for the occasional photo of Kennedy with Alec Baldwin, Carrey and De Niro's co-star as SNL's "Donald Trump".

And then, look at the coverage of De Niro. It's all about his new movie, "War With Grandpa", and his comedy chops, AND his anti-Trump rage - another trait he shares with Carrey - even though Trump was once anti-vaccine, so it was their own movement that partially created what many dislike about The Donald today

My point is, even with all this international mayhem they're causing, what all this media coverage does NOT mention is Jim Carrey's connection to Robert De Niro, or Robert F. Kennedy, or Jenny McCarthy.

Or even Andrew Wakefield (above, who started all the trouble) Elle MacPherson (the stupid supermodel who has since become his girlfriend) Oprah Winfrey (the so-called "journalist" who promoted it, all, almost as soon as vaccine paranoia became a thing) or Gwyneth Paltrow (the actress-turned-con artist, who, of course, joined-in to cultivate "Fuck You"). 

This new type of media oversight - or the lack of it - is what I call The Theranos Effect (TTE). That's when lots of educated people can stare right at an *obvious* world of frauds, and still see genius.

You see, America was fed the Watergate lie about journalism: crusading reporters - covering the world like ants - to uncover important stories that protect and inform the people. 

But, the truth is TTE - or what we saw happen at Theranos: a billion idiots walk into a place, drink the Kool-Aid of someone like Elizabeth Holmes, and - like Bill Clinton - swear to GOD "the future's in good hands." 

We're in his predicted future, now - how are you feeling about it? How are you feeling about them? They sat by, and said nothing, as Oprah made "The Secret" a best-seller - and even called it "science" on The Larry King Show - was a killer pandemic what you hoped to get out of that?

Only one journalist, out of hundreds or even thousands, saw through Theranos. He works for The Wall Street Journal and his name is John Carreyrou. He's got all of my respect.

I knew about NXIVM for 12 YEARS before the major media caught on. Hillary Clinton and the Dalai Lama were involved. That's why, I'm here to tell you, for every story you read, there's a real one - DYING to get out - but the rest of us are lucky if even one or two reporters ever get close to it.

And - honestly - I know of only one other guy out there saying it. And Christopher Hitchens wouldn't have liked who it is.

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Facebook Is Eliminating Activists From It's Platform Before The Election

Political Dirty Pool is the only possible explanation, I can imagine, for the action taken against me, today, by facebook. As anyone can see, I didn't violate any sexual or nudity standard, unless they thought those hands should've been gloved. 

I think it's because I'm not anti-Trump.