Monday, February 28, 2011

"I'm Not Interested In What People Believe"

Unlike probably everyone else watching Charlie Sheen these days, we think this "train wreck" (as some are calling it) is probably the best we've seen him, and (having mutual friends) we applaud him mightily for it. He looks and sounds more like his father than ever. His nothing-can-take-me-down attitude, in the face of this wimpy, middle class, wet rag nanny state finger-wagging opinion is winning. This is a man, owning his actions and insisting everyone else come clean and take responsibility for theirs as well. (Our favorite line? Interviewer: "One of the women said she was afraid she might O.D.". Sheen [incredulous]: "What's that got to do with me?") Seriously, considering the most this loser culture can come up with now is awful Lady GaGa (and Britney Spears) records, vs. watching Beibermania or Kim Kardashian's ass from afar, do you really think everyone is, or wants to be, stuck in this same lame no fun existence the rest of you seem, if not enthused by, at least comfortable with? Really? Are you kidding us? This completely stagnant creative period has shown us nothing but the cultural and artistic equivalent of adults playing with bubble gum - and you think every living breathing person wants to be limited to that? Again, are you kidding?

Everyone can say what they want, but we've said, all too often, we see too many powerful beta males in this country, and where we've been going, both financially and culturally, is reflective of that. We've become a cautious, conformist, inoffensive, non-risk taking, arrogant, lying bunch of NewAge pussies who think if any woman, like this interviewer, says she or others don't approve, then some form of public contrition and apology is called for. Well, screw that. Neither she, or the public, are Charlie Sheen's mother and even if his parents disapprove, he's a grown-assed man who refuses to be a part of whatever milquetoast existence the rest of you think is good for gaining social approval from a worthless feminized culture-killing clique. He didn't ask for it, doesn't need it, and isn't angling for it. He's a man. He's rich. And he's free.

The question is, what the hell have the rest of you become?

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Honestly: This Is The Past Life You're Paying For

This blog doesn't find a lot of what newspapers write about to be that interesting, mostly because we're usually waaay ahead of them on how to write about it.

[Folks, click those two links so you can see this post makes sense. Jeez - CMC]

Even most blogs are so focused on the nuts-and-bolts of political maneuvering, they miss the real stories that, to us, explain the sorry level of politics we're engaged in.

When they read our posts, we seem detached from their world, and, when we read theirs, well, we might as well not have bothered.

So we do our thing and they do theirs, though they have a bazillion readers and our interests have,...well, a bathousand.

In the end, we guess, what the truth looks like - and who knows it - doesn't really matter:

We're all trapped in the NewAge, so we've all lost our minds.

You Got To Get It Together (Or Leave It Alone)

O.K., we've been kind of falling behind on our blogging, so here's a bunch of random stuff that's been slipping through the cracks as we've been following Wisconsin and whatnot.

BTW, the photos might even be more random than usual, because we're emptying that file, too. Alright, here we go:

Colorado Springs police used a stun gun early Thursday morning to try to stop a man calling himself 'God' from what was originally reported as an attempted burglary.

The incident happened at an apartment complex just north of Austin Bluffs Parkway and North Academy Boulevard around 3:40 a.m. Thursday. When police arrived, they said a man claiming to be God charged for them, a police report said.

A neighbor told KRDO Newschannel13 he walked outside when he heard the commotion.

"One of the cops told me to go back to my apartment, but of course I sat there with the door cracked and listened. The guy was totally tripped out," said Rod Smith.

Police said he would not comply with orders, forcing officers to use a stun gun. It didn't stop the man, and he charged officers once again, according to police.

Police tried again to use a stun gun, but it still didn't work. The man tried to run, but was tackled by officers in the hallway, police said. It took four officers to get him under control.

After medical personnel arrived, the man admitted to smoking mushrooms, a hallucinogenic drug with similar effects to LSD.

Smith said the man was talking, but not making much sense.

"He kept trying to tell the cops that he would take them on one by one if they'd take his cuffs off. he asked them if they wanted to smoke a bowl with him," said Smith.
We don't know - he sounds like "the real deal" to us - not like this flake:
Saudi police arrested a man who was stopping people and telling them that he was the long-awaited savior of the world, a newspaper in the oil-rich Gulf country reported on Sunday.

The 43-year-old man was shouting to passers-by in a street in the central town of Makkah to stop and listen to him.

“He used his car to block their way to force them to listen to him,” Sabq online Arabic language daily said.

“He claimed that he was Al-Mahdi Al-Montathar (the Chosen Imam Al-Mehdi) and that he has an advice for all Moslems.”

Police caught the unnamed man red-handed and took him for investigation to determine if he is mentally normal.
Now you see, we don't get that:

You've got all these people waiting for a savior - whole societies based upon the idea they believe one will show up - but every time somebody claims to be "that guy", they either lock him up or haul him away to see if he's mental. What gives?

It's enough to make you wonder if anybody believes in this stuff,...all it takes is a little imagination. Like this guy, for instance:
I'm not one of those people who spends his whole life wishing things had turned out differently. Sure, the so-called "real world" can be a pretty cruel place sometimes, but why sit around all day worrying about the way things are when, with a little imagination, determination, and blinding denial, you can convince yourself that everything is great?

It may sound crazy, but I'm telling you, if you put your mind to it, you can make yourself believe just about anything!

Don't let annoying little hang-ups like logic, reason, or even reality stand in the way of what you want to be true. Your mind is the most powerful tool you have, and if you use it correctly, you'll be amazed at all the incredible things you can deny.
Yeah, "it may sound crazy", but that's right! So the next time you want to believe, say, a naturopath's a doctor, or recycling's a good thing, or even The New York Times is a good paper because their lies are so well written, just remember - you don't have to!

Hell, you don't have to "believe" anything at all! You don't even have to think! We swear! Let it go, man!

At that point you'll be fitting right in!

The President's Speech

This was cute.

It's The United States Government Doing This

The fact this government doesn't move against quacks until after they do something is enough for us to say they share the blame here:
He may be the creepiest quack in Brooklyn - a bogus cancer doctor charged with a crime so heinous it earned him the highest bail in state history.

Michail Sorodsky, 63, not only failed to heal the gravely ill women who forked over wads of cash for his holistic therapies, he sexually molested them and even raped at least one sedated patient, prosecutors say.

Jury selection in the skin-crawling case begins in Brooklyn Supreme Court this week while Sorodsky continues to be held on an eye-popping $11 million cash bail or $33 million bond a figure higher - more than even Bernie Madoff faced.

Authorities say Sorodsky slathered his victims in a probiotic yogurt, inserting the concoction into their genitalia, claiming they would be healed.

"He tells people he can cure them, and nobody gets better," said prosecutor Thomas Schellhammer, of the state's Attorney General's office. Sorodsky, who isn't licensed to practice medicine, is facing 102 counts ranging from rape to fraud.

All the charges stem from just eight victims, but prosecutors say he treated hundreds of people - mainly Russian immigrants in Brooklyn who paid as much as $1,000 per visit.

The late Malka Klots was a patient. When her daughter Rimma heard of Sorodsky's unorthodox treatment for liver cancer, she sensed something was fishy. So she posed as a patient and was horrified by what she found at Sorodsky's Sheepshead Bay office.

"What he was doing was, he was giving a gynecological exam, and he was giving a breast exam. It wasn't necessary. It didn't feel like a doctor's examination," the 46-year-old teacher recalled. "He did say inappropriate things. Something like, 'Your breasts look good.'"

She filed a complaint with the Division of Licensing, which led to an investigation that ended with Sorodsky's 2007 arrest.
It was too late for her mother, who died in 2001 after her cancer spread to her spine.

"She put everything into this treatment, all her hope," Rimma Klots said.

The defense is expected to argue that Sorodsky never presented himself as a doctor, but as a holistic healer - which requires no license - and that his patients returned voluntarily even after supposedly being abused.

Prosecutors claim otherwise, saying Sorodsky instructed clients to stay away from mainstream medicine.
Those last two paragraphs are really all anyone needs to know:

This is the same scam that war criminal, Radovan Karadzic, used to escape justice.

And it will keep happening until they close the loopholes - which could be done easily - and this NewAge medical charade stops.

Ladies and Gentlemen, if they wanted to, that could be done NOW.

2/2/11 UPDATE: The man got a lousy six years.

Let-Her-Man: "You're Applauding My Stupidity"

And really, hasn't that been the problem with talk shows lately? It doesn't really matter which one we're discussing - Bill Maher's, The Daily Show, The View, all of them - if the host(s) say something, right or wrong, the trained seals clap.

We still can't figure out how Let-Her-Man is still on the air, after confessing to adultery with his interns, but we figure it has something to do with this very phenomena:

Liberals nowadays will applaud just about anything.

Hat Tip: NewsBusters

Once Again, It's The Religious BS That Blows It

Debra J. Saunders hits Newt Gingrich squarely on his wandering head:
I have better things to do than question the personal life of a presidential hopeful. But there is no getting away from Gingrich's messy personal life. It does not speak well for his character or his judgment.

And here's the worst part: A truly sensible man with a past would know enough to keep his mouth shut about his marital history. Instead, Gingrich and wife Callista trumpet their religious views -- and Gingrich's conversion to a religion that does not accept divorce -- so that there is no ignoring that they got together when he was married and that they married because he divorced.

Memo to the Newter: If you want people to remember the things you are proud of, stop rubbing their noses in the conduct of which you should not be proud.

I would like to look at Newt Gingrich and not think about what a heel he has been. But he won't let me.
Unlike Mrs. Saunders, we're not trying to see Newt as anything other than what he is - a political operator, a serial liar, and a cheat - and wouldn't consider voting for him under any circumstances. His constant, quarterly, claim to be running for president does nothing but damage the Republican brand and, if he was so smart, he'd know that, sit down and shut up.

But, then, we've never considered him that smart to begin with.

Being Able To Cook A Traditional Dinner Is Nice (But Getting Saved From Being Raped Is Better)

We got this from Ed Driscoll and think, though it's outdated, the idea's still pretty accurate, because - as we said many moons ago - men look pretty different without us, and so what they're willing to fight and die for, if anything, is as well. Cynical-assed Europe doesn't know what it's about, so, without us, everyone would be at the mercy of the law of the jungle - where there is no mercy. Not that we're against pulling back a little bit, just to teach 'em all a lesson, but then someone would fill the vacuum and we'd have to start the killing all over again. Sigh.

Will they never learn?

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Anytime You Want To Start Trials For Throwing The Environmentalist Frauds In Prison, Please, Let Us Know (We've Been Ready For Awhile)

Oh man, we thought we were done with the climate crazies, but no - we've got one left and his name is Mike Tidwell and, honestly, he's gone, baby:
Ten years ago, I put solar panels on my roof and began eating locally grown food. I bought an energy-efficient refrigerator that uses the power equivalent of a single light bulb. I started heating my home with a stove that burns organically fertilized corn kernels. I even restored a gas-free lawn mower for manual yardwork.

As a longtime environmental activist, I was deeply alarmed by new studies on global warming, so I went all out. I did my part.

Now I'm changing my life again. Today, underneath the solar panels, there's a new set of deadbolt locks on all my doors.

There's a new Honda GX390 portable power generator in my garage, ready to provide backup electricity. And last week I bought a starter kit to raise tomatoes and lettuce behind barred basement windows.

I'm not a survivalist or an "end times" enthusiast. When it comes to climate change, I'm just a realist.

I haven't given up the cause. I still work overtime to promote clean energy, and I take solace when top climate scientists say we can still avoid the worst effects of global warming if we move quickly. It's just that, well, we're running out of time.

The proof is everywhere - outside my front door, in my neighborhood, on the news. After a decade of failure to address climate change at the national and international levels, our weather has gone haywire. In the Washington region alone, in barely a year, we've annihilated all records for snow accumulation, we've seen appalling power outages associated with year-round thunderstorms, and we've experienced the hottest summer in the 140 years we've been measuring. Winston Churchill's oft-quoted warning on the eve of World War II now applies directly: "The era of procrastination, of half-measures, of soothing and baffling expedients, of delays, is coming to its close. In its place we are entering a period of consequences."

Those consequences explain the generator in my garage and why I'm reinforcing my basement windows to protect emergency supplies.

This may seem like a stunt, or a sign that this frustrated environmentalist has finally lost it. But I'm not crazy. Just wait.
And he hasn't even gotten to the part about buying guns to protect his tomatoes! As one commenter said, we think his tin foil hat has gotten a bit too snug, but, we also have to admit, we prefer this one loon at The Washington Post to when it seemed like our entire society had lost it's mind.

O.K., no jokes, really talking on-the-level now:

What's going on with Mr. Tidwell is the inevitable result of a NewAge cult society gone mad, in far too many ways for most to grasp. For decades, Tidwell's been subjected to this pseudoscientific religious malarky from presidential candidates and other politicians, politicized "scientists", politicized royalty, politicized celebrities, so-called "experts", spiritualists and religious figures, movies, television, public service announcements, and more, all repeating the same doomsday message and waving off anyone and anything that could possibly show none of it was true. We should all be ashamed.

The most important people we want to know about, now, are within his community - where are his friends to talk him down? He says he's married, what does his wife really think? Is it possible to reach her?

Or does she need help, too?

We Will Never Fit The Narrative (We Never Have)

Over at Classical Values, there's a post about "Breaking The Narratives That Enslave Us". We won't explain it (you should actually click the link and go read it) but we do want to mention it features a black gay conservative man driving Liberals crazy because he doesn't feed into their expectations.

Now, over at, the great John Ziegler explains why Kathleen Parker was "Doomed At CNN" with that Parker/Spitzer thing. Here's the take-away:
It is hardly a secret that the best (and perhaps only) way for an unknown or career-challenged conservative to achieve mainstream media acceptance is to be a sellout to their supposed cause (just ask Arianna Huffington, Peggy Noonan, David Brooks, David Frum, Michael Smerconish, or Joe Scarborough, to name only a few).
Bingo! This is why black conservatives also drive Liberals crazy. We have to give up our values for the narrative to make sense.

How many times have we heard a Liberal ask a black conservative "How can you vote with those white people?" forgetting we do so because conservatives aren't the ones bringing up anybody's race all the time?

Of course, we black conservatives also have to fit a narrative on the conservative side, which will usually consist of something like denouncing Rap Music, accepting Christianity, and - let's face it - a whole lot of behavior modification.

This, too, will not do.

We've said many times the reason you should donate to this blog is because we want to restart our music career, and deliver to the other side a conservative message in the bold cultural manner they will find familiar and agreeable. We know that no one is doing it, and we feel no one else really can do it. Not like we can anyway. Nor should they be - if you know of another artist that can write and perform Rap, Rock, Jazz, Country, Industrial, Pop, Punk, and anything else you can think of, please, bring him/her/them forward:

We'd love to hear it.

TMR thinks we - and by "we" we mean we Americans - have got to disrupt many narratives to get this country going again. But, if we're asking for donations, then it should be obvious TMR can't do this on our own. We don't care how much it is or where it comes from (Rush Limbaugh? The Koch Brothers? Anybody?) but conservatives have to decide they're ready to shake this place up, by helping unconventionally conservative artists get a foothold in the underground, and the first way they can do that is by putting their money where their mouths are - then backing away - and abandoning the narrative of what we have to be:

Including the narrative that says even conservative artists must be tightly controlled before they can expect support from our fellows.

They're Here, They're There, They're Everywhere

Meade has already mentioned this, but we had to see it with our own eyes:

As you can see from the photo, above, these NewAgers do NOT know when they're making total asses out of themselves:
They’re not all adho mukha-ing, but it seems yoga teachers have joined the some 70,000 union workers, school teachers, students, firefighters, nurses, Green Bay Packers and reportedly now Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machine swarming the capitol in protest over Republican Gov. Scott “the Mubarak of the Midwest” Walker’s budget bill.
That's from the appropriately-named Yoga Dork. Come on - we're sure that stretching during a "protest" makes the whole thing more "powerful", just like meditating will bring us a new government and world peace, right? Riiight.

Hasn't happened yet.

What has happened is the pleasure we're experiencing from finally being able to politically crush these people. But don't forget our motto:

Defeat the Democrats and they'll be back - defeat NewAge and we're done with the lot of 'em!

Considering How Stupid They Are, It's Truly A Wonder NewAgers Are Allowed To Have Kids

Now here's some good news if you're into protecting children from quackery:
After over 30 years of publication, Mothering Magazine is leaving the shelves. Mothering will continue as a web-only organization, but the magazine has printed its last issue.

Mothering has long catered to hippie mamas, featuring stories on attachment parenting, cosleeping, natural foods and creative play. The magazine, and more recently the message boards, have been a home base for parents with an alternative viewpoint for generations.
Yeah, "hippie mamas" and "an alternative viewpoint". That means, as you can see above, whether or not you should get your child vaccinated was up for debate, even if there was nothing - absolutely nothing - to support not getting it done. And look at this issue:

Yes, blurb #4 is for reflexology, probably one of the stupidest scam "treatments" in the "alternative" medicine canon - and seriously, considering how stupid a lot of them are, that's saying something!

Unfortunately, Mothering isn't disappearing entirely, and they'll still be around to spread misinformation online. As one commenter cried:
I paid for a year long subscription about a month ago and they took my money. I love the magazine, but that sucks!
Hey, lady - when it comes to scam artists - you gets what you pay for, Dearie, you gets what you pay for.

It's Like Learning I'm Born On The 4th Of July!

Whoa - my birthday is also the anniversary of the Tea Party Movement? Fuuuck.

Mark my words:

One of these days, somebody on the Right is going to interview me, and discover that - while I deal with issues of madness - I'm not crazy myself, and then this is going to be a really big deal!

It is to me already!

Spiritually Speaking: They're In The Same Gang

Sigh. Will someone PLEASE tell us something we don't already know:
ABC News gives us a refresher course on the weird, weird world of Moammar Gaddafi this morning as fighting in Libya continues. The liberation of the eastern part of the country allowed access to one of Gaddafi’s presidential palaces, and Libyans might find the dictator’s reading choices illuminating. Like more than one brutal dictator, Gaddafi seemed obsessed with the occult, with books on witchcraft lining the shelves. But the public oddities already known hinted at this already,...
What's next? News the Left has always been into the occult as well? Oh, we'll be so surprised. And here's an exit question for you:

If "like more than one brutal dictator," Gaddafi's fascination with witches and the occult makes him "weird," what does that say about today's Left and the Democratic Party's multi-decade use of it?


Figure it out - and then make a donation.

Art's Influence In The Modern World: Movies

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