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The Macho Response Is Now In Two Locations!

Since Blogger has decided TMR is oh, so beyond the pale, I've been invited to start blogging with the fine folks at Flying Tiger Comics, so look for some upcoming stuff over there. I'll still be posting here, so keep coming back, but I'll also be adding some content to what they do already.

I'm happy to report visitors read more of TMR now - and the blog definitely gets more donations because of them - but it would be nice to have the number of readers up, too. We had quite a crowd before the blog was labeled "indecent", and hopefully we can get something going again. So, if the barrier keeps you from checking me out while you're at work or something, hop over to Flying Tiger Comics and I'll be glad to start scratching your conservative anti-NewAge/anti-cult itch at the new location. Just don't tell Blogger!

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Thanks to Ann Althouse, TMR is still here - and no longer behind a firewall! And it's now here, too! This could get interesting! I'm still setting up shop at the new spot, but come pay a visit anyway:

It looks like lots of things are getting started all over again!

I'm Starting To Get Turned Off To Facebook

This isn't exactly my experience on Facebook - my experience is of "friends" wearing blinders to such a point they want to immediately "de-friend" if you disagree with them on anything. Today, it was a black gay guy who decided that - because he's reading a new book on Malcolm X (the one that claims Malcolm X was gay) - Donald Trump is a "Klansman" for demanding to see Obama's birth certificate.


Now his other friends are writing in, telling him to choose his friends more carefully - I'm a whackjob! There was also the former Punk, who is now a NewAger, and has decided our 20 year friendship is worth abandoning since I informed her there's no such thing as a "chakra". She not only de-friended me but closed off her personal email. Yeah, there's a reason I got away from these people.

What do you think? Is Facebook "all that" for you? Had any weird experiences? Is it worth it?

Hat Tip: iOwnTheWorld

What We Learned From The Ultimate Con Man

There's an interview with Diana Henriques, who interviewed Bernie Madoff, that has so many important lessons for us I have to quote it multiple times. First up - the price of fraud:
When I first met him in prison, my first impression was how polished he had become since I had known him 15 years earlier, even in his prison uniform. Every crease is crisp, every button is buttoned. His belt is shiny, his shoes gleam. Very much the dandy, even in prison. And very much in control of our conversation. He had a very engaging, low-key style. Never took his eyes off of me. [He] leaned forward and was very interested in everything I had to say. A few little jokes, a little bit of flattery. But very much on-message.

When I saw him the second time, after his son’s suicide, I was stunned at the change in him. From across the room, I would not have recognized him as the same man. So much thinner. In fact, the uniform involves one of the those web belts and he had the belt pulled so tight that the end of it was folded under to keep it from flopping. One of his buttons on his shirt was undone and he didn’t notice it until about halfway through. He buttoned it up. This had been an immaculately groomed, crisp, confident man back in August. In February, he seemed to holding on to his control with both hands. Fiercely. No jokes. No humor. Barely a smile. And this was two months after his son’s suicide. He was clearly devastated by that.
Next up - what marriage really means:
Madoff’s sons were deeply upset that Ruth did not walk out on him. I worked very hard to try to understand, through as many confidential sources as I could, why she didn’t go. And I asked Madoff himself why she stayed. That’s the one point in the first interview where he broke down and cried. And I do think it was genuine. He didn’t even have a Kleenex with him. His lawyer had to find some little paper napkins in the snack bar area. But he said all her friends told her she should leave, which I knew to be true. He told her she should leave, that she didn’t have to stay. As the firestorm of criticism and vitriol was growing, he could see that it was hurting her to stay with him. But she would not walk out on him. And, as I understand it, how she has explained it, is that she had a love affair with this man for 50 years and she just felt she couldn’t abandon him at this time of his near destruction.

You know Larry and I have been married for 42 years and I can sort of understand it. I don’t think younger couples can. She met and fell in love with Bernie when she was 13 years old. He was a lifeguard, she wasn’t even in high school yet. Pretty girl. And he was handsome, sun-bleached hair. She fell in love the first time she met him and married him at 18. You have to keep that in mind when you weigh the decisions she made after his arrest. It was a lifelong love affair. Everybody who knew them agreed that they were still like sweethearts. One person said that the only person who thought more of Bernie than Ruth was Bernie. She really worshipped him.
Let's follow that up with the reason integrity is so important, and why - in a world filled with so many lacking in it - there's so much fraud:
I can guarantee you that there is another Ponzi scheme out there that we haven’t heard about yet. Ponzi schemes are, to me, one of the most fascinating crimes on Wall Street, one of the most fascinating financial crimes that there is.

The air they breathe is trust. A Ponzi scheme cannot grow in an environment that’s devoid of trust. Nothing else can either, so in order to eliminate Ponzi schemes, you’d have to create a world completely devoid of trust. And when you’ve got a world like that, number one, none of us wants to live in it. And, number two: You can’t run a modern economy without a minimal level of trust. But that level of trust is exactly the level of trust a Ponzi schemer needs to get away with it. Now, Ponzi schemes are a peculiar crime in that you don’t feel any pain until the very end.

I think the Madoff story introduces a new species of Ponzi scheme. Traditionally, we’ve thought of Ponzi schemes as the classic, too-good-to-be-true fraud. Fifty percent returns a month. Double your money in 10 days. The classic Ponzi scheme, all the way back to the first one in the 1920s, appealed to our greed. The get-rich-quick itch. The Madoff scheme did not appeal to people’s greed; it appealed to their fear. Through most of the Madoff scam, you could’ve made more money somewhere else. There were years when the Magellan Fund at Fidelity was producing much better results that Madoff’s investors were getting. It wasn’t that they were greedy: He was so consistent. He was so safe. They felt safe with Bernie in an increasingly volatile, scary, complicated market. If a Ponzi scheme appeals to your greed, a Madoff scheme appeals to your fears. I can’t tell you how many people told me, “He made me feel safe.”

Those are the kinds of frauds I worry we’re going to see more of.
Got that, people? Protect yourself. Protect your loved ones. Forget trying to seem nice:

Tell the truth.

And finally, here's a quote that captures how I see others looking at the world, not considering the real consequences of their actions, as they look out for their own desires in affairs, or money-making schemes, or any number of other endeavors:
[Bernie Madoff doesn't think about his clients] who committed suicide and their families. Not the ones who’ve had to uproot their entire lives and sell their beloved homes. The human cost of the crime is part of the equation that he just doesn’t see. He’s utterly in denial about that.

Self-deception is an extremely dangerous practice. Lying to ourselves is how we get in the most trouble. If there is a lesson, it is the oldest human lesson. To thine own self be true.

If people take nothing else away from the book, I hope they take that. Lying to yourself is a luxury that you just can’t afford.
I think about all of that - every day - which makes me weird to others, but also makes them very weird to me. People innocently defend evil nowadays, and it's costs are something they never consider until too late. And usually to someone else's detriment.

Don't be the one.

Elizabeth Taylor Was A NewAge Headcase

Jesus Christ, is there anyone walking this planet who doesn't have a psychic running their life?
Her life was filled with more drama than a Hollywood movie and now, a month after her death,  there has been yet another plot twist.

Elizabeth Taylor was forced to give up a secret love child, it has been claimed today.

The late Hollywood legend gave birth to a baby girl called Norah, according to psychic and self-proclaimed Taylor confidant John Cohan.

Cohan claims that Taylor had been a client of his since the 1960s and told him he could not reveal the secret until after her death.
Did Elizabeth Taylor have a secret love child?

No wonder Taylor's life was such a mess. And why Michael Jackson and she got along - or why Michael lived and died as he did - seeing how he was always surrounded the likes of frauds and quacks like Uri Gellar and Deepak Chopra.

It seems to me this so-called "love child" probably caught a break, not being around. Except for all the money, of course. Liz was a bitch for depriving her child of that.

"The Secret" Is They Keep Getting Away With It

The president appropriately returned to the country's #1 snake oil salesman to diss "sideshows and carnival barkers":
President Obama told Oprah Winfrey on Wednesday that he was driven to release his long-form birth certificate so that the nation could move on and focus on a "serious conversation" about solving its problems.

Obama, joined by his wife, discussed the issue at Winfrey's Chicago studios hours after he took to the White House briefing room to chide the "sideshows and carnival barkers" propagating conspiracies about his roots.
Obama birth certificate: Oprah asks, 'Why did you wait so long?'

So, after announcing "We do not have time for this kind of silliness", he goes on the NewAge program that lavishly promotes every fraudulent product, quack doctor, and faith healer in the country?

Folks, you just can't make this stuff up. And, for some reason, journalists can't skeptically report on it either,...

They Don't Call It A Nanny State For Nothing,...

My favorite San Francisco Bay Area reporter, Henry K. Lee, has another great story of the lunacy that goes on:
Marin County has agreed to pay $1.9 million to settle a lawsuit filed by a man who accused sheriff's deputies of shocking him with a Taser when he refused to go to the hospital after he fell.
Marin settles Taser-shock suit for $1.9 million

Absolutely hilarious. Or shocking! Or crazy. I'm settling for crazy.

How about you?

Nobody Told Me About Her: The Way She Lies

Whoopi Goldberg Takes Her Idiocy Seriously

Ed Driscoll has the "slightly racist" story, including other stuff I've covered about Whoopi. Tavis Smiley's even in there - he of Louise Hay's NewAge clique - and isn't it amazing how I, the internet's anti-cult crusader, always already have stuff on the very people who pop up saying crazy shit? How DOES that happen? Just lucky I guess,...

Anyway, after reading Ed's piece, hit the tags for the various fruitloops, below, if you want "the view" of these numbskulls to become clearer.

They're All Trying To Destroy This Blog!

Wait a minute - this sounds like an institution with integrity - that can't be right:
The University of Wisconsin has decided to act against doctors in their system that provided fraudulent medical excuses for demonstrators in Madison earlier this year.  The medical school reviewed allegations against 22 of its faculty/staff and will remove them from “leadership positions” and dock their pay,...
Wisconsin doctors face disciplinary action for writing fake notes for protesters.

If the organizations of this country, and the people in them, start acting responsibly, it's going to really fuck up my whole gig,...I wonder:

Where does the University of Wisconsin stand on homeopathy?

WRONG: Julianne Moore As Sarah Palin

Moore is playing Palin in the HBO movie of the book Game Change.

Moore as an actress, BTW, specializes in nudity and crying. I say it's bad casting all the way around.

Why Am I Not Surprised? He's A Believer Now

After that Kevin Smith post, this makes total sense:
He - they - can't be trusted, folks.

The Butthole Surfers Doing "American Woman"

I'm just posting this Canadian diss of my country and it's women because A) many American women do leave something to be desired these days B) Canada will always be a joke to us, and C) I definitely don't post enough Texas acid heads.

Real Black Men: You Just Don't Fuck With 'Em

So much for that NewAge concept of fear everybody's always talking about,...

Atta Girl!!! (Easily The Quote Of The Day)

“They said, ‘Come out with your hands up!’ She said, ‘I am Circuit Court Judge Ilona Holmes. I am armed.’”

Ya damned skippy.

Black lady, too. Damn.

Yes: The Liberals Are Showing A Little Moxy - At Tea Party Events (And Very, Very Desperate)

Immediately after Allen West took the stage at his Town Hall meeting on Tuesday Evening in Fort Lauderdale, several hecklers began to jeer and interrupt his remarks, forcing West to pause several times. Police were ultimately forced to removed one of the hecklers. When the hecklers refused to stop their harassment, West stated, “You’re not going to intimidate me.”

Nicole Sandler, formerly of Air America, was sitting behind Congressman Allen West’s wife. Sandler had been acting in a disruptive and combative manner by yelling at the Congressman and even harrassing his wife, before being asked to leave and escorted out of the event by Fort Lauderdale Police. As she was being removed from the proceedings, Sandler continued her tirade and used an expletive to address a police officer, which resulted in the officer arresting the woman for trespassing.

Air America? The radio show? These people are becoming unhinged. What's next? Janeane Garofalo attacks Michelle Bachmann with a crowbar? Whatever. Brace yourselves, folks. They smell the coffee now:

Here comes T-R-O-U-B-L-E,...

And Tchotskies - Lourdes Also Needs Lots Of Tchotskies - Like I Bought A Picture Of Jesus With Eyes That Follow You Around The Room

The lady behind the counter got pissed because I was laughing so hard. I wasn't even an anti-cult crusader then. Oh well, one thing leads to another:
The reason charlatans get away with it is because the insistence of many of the world's major religions on the reality of divine intervention gives them boundaries to blur and hope to exploit. And to claim that no one profits from the miraculous in "proper religion" is patently wrong. The whole economy of the town of Lourdes would collapse with out it.
The poor buggers. Somebody ought to tell them to get a real job,...all of them, actually. Below is the killer queen from that visit to Lourdes, oh so long ago. Karine Anne Brunck just had to go to Lourdes, don't you know, because her ass was so fucking pious and pure:

Insanity rules. She killed three people but I'm the bad guy.

Religion and spirituality suck.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sai Baba's BBC Perv Doc: "The Secret Swami"

The Babaster is one of the biggest. BBC News produced an excellent documentary exposé, yet he still has millions of sadly deluded devotees. He also has a cadre of internet attack specialists, a number of whom have gone to substantial lengths to discredit yours truly.

Miracle-faking and twink-diddling, along with rumors of massive government corruption and a few murders, are only a few of this man's sins. But all that said, I'm still entirely convinced that the man functions as a perfectly adequate image upon which to project the idea of God, making him more a stand in than incarnation, something that is true of every guru who has millions of followers.
--jodyr, Guruphiliac Forum

Religion Is Outdated (But Stupidity's In Style)

This guy's getting arrested for reading a book. I know - it's a "holy" book - but still. He's getting arrested for reading a book.

These Sikhs are involved in a turf battle. One guy took a shot to the face with a cricket bat.

A lot of good religion's doing any of them.

Hat Tip: iOwnTheWorld

The Firewall On Obama: "The Enigma, Part I"

It is, both, tragic and fascinating a majority of the citizens in this nation could and would elect a man to it's highest office they not only knew nothing about, but didn't even care to learn. And, three years into his presidency, could still know so little their "hope and change" hero can still be accurately referred to as an enigma.

It's a more accurate title than Oprah's "The One".

The willed ignorance of NewAge is a very funny, strange, and scary cultural phenomena,...

Duh! Tell Me Something I Didn't Know Already

If you ask me, WikiLeaks is pretty much worthless. Even the cynicism of contacts through Bush House is obvious without their "help":
The BBC could be part of a ‘propaganda media network’ for al-Qeada, according  to U.S. files published by WikiLeaks.

A phone number of someone at the BBC was found in phone books and programmed  into the mobile phones of a number of militants seized by the Americans.

The number is believed to be based at Bush House, the headquarters of the BBC World Service.
WikiLeaks accuses BBC of being part of 'possible propaganda media network' for Al Qaeda

Look, wake me up when they've revealed the Fergie tie-in, O.K.? (You know there's GOT to be a Fergie tie-in,...)

Uh-Oh, L. Ron's Lost Control Of Another One,...

Isn't it great that, as soon as you leave a cult, or turn on cultism, you develop a potty mouth?
I have been debt free since early 2010, and am supporting two households.

I make car and insurance payments on my Mercedes...So what 'financial irregularities and out-exchange' are they fucking talking about?
Michael Fairman, Familiar TV and Film Actor, Makes Public His Expulsion from Scientology

Why, swearing is almost the ultimate motherfucking post-cult badge of freedom,...

So Let Her Go Fuck Herself For Promoting Him

When is this nation going to decide that if a person repeatedly reveals themselves to be a hypocrite, wrong in their political judgement, or just a plain ol' liar, they aren't worth listening to any longer?
Negative reactions to the president’s deceitful and hyper-partisan deficit speech continue to filter in from the left. The latest attack comes from the doyenne of the Huffington Post herself, Arianna Huffington, ...
Arianna Huffington Develops Case of Obama Disillusionment Syndrome

That anyone would look to a member of the sinister Rajneesh cult for political guidance, or to use as a talking head on American television, should tell you how off-kilter our political culture is, and how worthless our media has become. Arianna Huffington has repeatedly switched positions, without ever taking responsibility for being wrong about anything, and done so without any scrutiny what-so-ever. Just as no one has probed her many ties to cults and cultish endeavors of every stripe.

Everything about her, and the value-free world of political celebrity she inhabits, is disgusting.

Debra Saunders Seems To Be Catching On Now

Wow - I can hardly grasp she wrote this:
The first tip-off that Greg Mortenson's memoir "Three Cups of Tea" has some credibility issues comes in the book's introduction. Co-author David Oliver Relin writes that as Mortenson is flying over Pakistan, the helicopter pilot marvels to Mortenson, "I've been flying in northern Pakistan for 40 years. How is it you know the terrain better than me?"

The pilot also confides, "Flying with President Musharraf, I've become acquainted with many world leaders, many outstanding gentlemen and ladies. But I think Greg Mortenson is the most remarkable person I've ever met."

People don't talk like that. Books don't lead with that level of self-aggrandizement. Unless they want to induct you into a cult.
Cult of 'Three Cups of Tea' Should Have Known Better

I'll have to ask her if she's been heckled, as I have, for redefining the term as well,...

Monday, April 25, 2011

Kevin Smith Is How Real People Talk And Think (Dealing With Spiritual Fruitcakes And Beliefs)

He talks like I do,...

He thinks like I do,...

He tells stories like I do,...

Of spiritual people screwing him around.

It's Nice To See An Entertainer - Somewhere,...

Edward Reid Sings Nursery Rhymes to Run backing... by UCANLEARNPOKERdotCOM

Our Life's Got No Gray Area: Evil's Black & White (Dems, Hippies & NewAgers Are Liars)

While ranting at someone over at the Althouse, something occurred to me that would be better expressed here and - since I haven't got the urge to rant out of my system yet - here it goes with no fucking links or anything:

You guys allow evil to flourish because you have no interest in thinking about how to achieve anything good in this world - you're scared to death of even trying to get it.

You now have Mccarthyism labeled as bad because he went about trying to eliminate communism the wrong way. But there's nothing bad about trying to eliminate communism. You could try to get it right, but you don't because you focus on the wrong thing - the way Joe went about it.

You now have witch hunts labeled as bad because Salem went about trying to eliminate witches the wrong way. But there's nothing bad about trying to eliminate witches. You could try to get it right, but you don't because you focus on the wrong thing - the way Salem went about it.

And it's the same for every obvious evil that exists today. You always focus on the wrong-headed approach, allowing the evil free reign, and then look at anyone who suffers under it, or wants to eliminate it, as "hyperbolic and weird". You're not "sophisticated" for trying to find the grey area in evil. You're just a part of whatever evil you're shilling for.

Martin Luther King said injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere and that is the result of the attitude I see around me. Fraud is rampant in this society because those around me have a billion excuses for why we shouldn't tackle it. Look at the Bernie Madoff scandal for a prime example of an open fraud continuing for almost a man's entire life - until he himself confessed - because, even with people screaming there's something wrong there, no one was willing to go after him.

The pedophile Sai Baba just died. That's a single man who made millions, and held off the entire world, because they just refused to acknowledge he wasn't a "living god". There is no one on this planet who can justify it.

Who can adequately explain why, decades ago, the powers that be didn't say, "That isn't so"? Instead, they let that pervert abuse children and kept the creep living in the lap of luxury. You did the same thing with the Maharishi.

I always rant on homeopathy because it's such an obvious scam - it's only water - but do you see anyone picketing Whole Foods for perpetrating a fraud on the public? No - people are actually PROUD to shop there! It's a fucking badge of honor to be part of it! Because to say "You're wrong and you're doing wrong" is just not politically correct! Fuck, the term "politically correct" is Orwellian in itself! But let somebody say so and they're the crazy person! It's all evil, I tell you!

In my life, I have seen almost every form of barbarity known to man, and almost all of it happened before my eyes in the United States. It happened because there's always some asshole with an excuse for why nobody can do anything to stop it - when stopping it is the only answer for how to stop it.

I have put my life on the line for others, countless times, and it never ceases to amaze me that I'm alone in doing so. You know it's true - how often to we hear about a crime happening before a crowd and no one stops to help? Isn't there a YouTube video out there now of two black girls attacking a white girl and all some guy did was videotape it? Some older lady got involved by saying, "stop" but nothing more - she certainly wasn't going to throw herself into the breach, was she? Would you? A father just died at a McDonald's for doing so but, I'll bet, that was because he was the only person to get involved - and he was alone because the rest did nothing! You're cowards. And you're cowards because you don't have the conviction that stopping evil is what you're supposed to do!

And you certainly won't entertain your role in evil, will you? Not you, as you protest someone else! It's always someone else! It's George Bush, or Dick Cheney, or someone other than yourself! Where's the oil you said we were getting from Iraq? You were WRONG, asshole! Barack Obama is president - about as big a wrong as this nation has ever seen in it's history - because YOU were wrong about everything else! Oh, you had to have him because you were so WRONG, but will you ever admit it? Hell no! Not even the people complaining about him now will admit they were wrong to have ever voted him into office - that's on somebody else!

Even after the horror of 9/11, you laughed when George Bush said there are evildoers out there - you laughed! What was so fucking funny? Whatsa matter? 3,000 Americans dead in one morning wasn't enough proof for you? Again: you chose to focus on what you thought was stupidity than what was important - the people trying to kill us. YOU did that!

You're still focused on it. Almost every attempt to reign in the enemy is greeted by hoots and cat calls rather than suggestions for how to get the job done. How fucking helpful. How fucking immature. How very YOU!

This nation should be looking the possible fate of failure, for the very first time, squarely in the eye - and acting against it - but it's people are too concerned with trying to appear to be nice than good. It should be shutting up the hypocrites and throwing them overboard. It should be shutting up the liars and jailing them. Anyone involved in fraud should have to fight for their very lives because that's what they've forced all of us to do now.

You are not stardust and you are not golden - you're a bunch of tin, covered in gold flake, and God damn it, on behalf of all the Americans who never bought into your bullshit, I want my money back!

This Is A Big Day For Losers Confessing,...

...James Hewitt says he considered suicide after his affair with Princess Diana:
I felt I had let people down - probably myself, my family, my friends, the nation, the army, my regiment. Other than that, no one at all.
Which sounds like our old friend, shame, who we were told was dead. Now why would Hewitt feel like that? He'd slept with another man's wife, publicly, but today he's claiming he doesn't want to talk about details - like whether or not Harry's his son - "out of respect for everyone." Where was his sense of "respect" before? Where was Diana's? (And why was everyone worshipping that NewAge cult freak again?) Where was Charles' - or Camilla's? Who, or what, at this point - Diana IS still dead - is he supposedly respecting?

And what is anyone celebrating any of these people for, even now? Isn't Kate Middleton willingly following in Diana's footsteps?

As Jerry Seinfeld said, they're not special people - they're even less than average.

They're a bunch of fucking losers.