Monday, March 2, 2020

Miley Cyrus: Coronavirus (That's All I'm Sayin')

If it’s truly possible we’ve been infected with the Coronavirus for the last 6 weeks, then we’ve got a much bigger problem on our hands than we ever anticipated.

Well, not “we” exactly, since anyone “cancelled” is also almost-automatically safe.

Sooo, if you're like me, and The NewAge Movement has been making you ill with warnings to, for instance, eat a certain way “to live longer” and all you thought was “I don’t want to 'live longer' with these dickless assholes” then rejoice: 

They’re all gonna die, and you’re gonna have the planet to your cool-ass self, with all the other cool-ass people, more like you. 

Just let it get around a little bit, like a certain you-know-who,…

1 comment:

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