Tuesday, June 6, 2023

The Power Of The Purse (Is No Power At All)


So, I'm watching The Bottom Line with Dagen & Duffy (above) and Representative Kat Cammack is being asked what can be done about the FBI defying Congress? Her reply is, well, “We have the power of the purse.” A phrase I've heard James Comer use as well. A phrase that will not do. 

“The power of the purse” may hurt the esteem of some of these fools at work, but it does nothing for the fractured friendships and families of the people back home. “The power of the purse” may crimp the FBI's ability to carry out its more outrageous ideas, but does nothing to enlighten those duped by their fraud to change their ways. No one's going to decide Rachel Maddow and Stephen Colbert were wrong because the FBI didn’t get their new headquarters. 

“The power of the purse” does not wipe that smug off Christopher Wray’s face. “The power of the purse” does not stop the swish of Peter Strzok’s shoulders. The only thing that can do that is explaining to their grandkids why they had to go to prison.  

This nonsense went on for five long years. That's a sort of prison sentence, all by itself. And they sat back and laughed the whole time. That is no way for the American people to feel.

Christopher Wray knows why he was brought in by Trump and he betrayed his mandate - to serve who? Hillary Clinton, not the President of the United States. That's worthy of prison by itself. How dare he bullshit us. Who did he think he is? Who do any of these people think they are? Christopher Wray isn't listening to the President, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page don't give a fuck about their spouses – no one needed evidence for anything they’ve done – who in the fuck did they think they are?  

We were promised, before we knew everything Hillary Clinton was behind, that we would “Lock her up!” and that promise should be kept - for her and all of her accomplices, aiding what they've been doing for the last few years, since Donald Trump has been in politics, and even before that.  

Or do we forget Bill Clinton has three women credibly accusing him of rape? One of them, Juanita Broderick, has had her claim verified for decades by Lisa Myers of NBC, Christopher Hitchens of Vanity Fair, and Ronan Farrow, also from Vanity Fair. Yet, he’s walking around in the Hamptons like a celebrity, when he should be in prison. But he has the power, or what Christopher Hitchens called the “eerie” ability to control the media, and keep them turned toward Monica or anything else. 

“The power of the purse” sounds too much like something Doug Mulvaney is selling. We need prison.

“It all comes back to a central problem: It always seems like, when it comes to the Bidens, or the Clintons for that matter, if you go back a little while, they're treated differently than everybody else.”  

- Georgia Congressman Doug Collins (above)

When Hillary Clinton assumed she was going to win the 2016 election, she invited two reporters to document the event, which didn't turn out the way she assumed. Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes continued to report on the aftermath, and said “Within 24 hours of her concession speech, [campaign chair John Podesta and manager Robby Mook] assembled her communications team at the Brooklyn headquarters to engineer the case that the election wasn’t entirely on the up-and-up. For a couple of hours, with Shake Shack containers littering the room, they went over the script they would pitch to the press and the public. Already, Russian hacking was the centerpiece of the argument.” 

Setting the world on fire. By way of the FBI in the CIA, With 24 hours of her loss. 

And just to fool her own voters. 

Nobody on the Right was gullible enough to think Jeff Sessions was working for the Ruskies.

Joe Biden’s corruption, featuring hiding Hunter Biden's laptop to flip the 2020 election, the falsifying of FISA applications to spy on the Predsident, even the adultery of Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, fit so snuggly in the cesspool Jeffrey Epstein called a Jacuzzi, it's hard not to think that rather than discussing the crimes of those within the federal government, we're investigating “The Lifestyle” that may have killed CashApp founder, Bob Lee, where it was said 'There are a lot of swingers, cheaters and liars in that crowd’. 

How is “the power of the purse” going to affect that? The FBI can’t buy drinks for everybody no more? 

No, these are crimes and we demand prison. Prison. And nothing else will do.   

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