Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wade In The Water

"The new Germany considers it politically necessary to proceed in the verification of all phenomena whatsoever. However, certain physicians have not hesitated to attack and reject not only new therapies but also others whose origins go back to a distant past - as is today the case with homeopathy — without even making the effort to subject these therapies to serious examination. For this reason, I have taken under my protection the XII International Congress of Homeopathy in Berlin, to express the interest of the National Socialist State in all modes of therapies that are useful to the people´s health."
-- Dr. Rudolph Hess, opening the international congress of the Homeopathic Society in the name of the F├╝hrer, on 8 August 1937.

BTW, even after all these years of failure, these freaks are still claiming homeopathy needs "further study",...

I know this means almost nothing to most of you, but it interests me to understand the kind of mind that gets drawn to these things, or chooses to spread them.

What are their ethics? The german homeopathic "doctor" that euthanized my mother-in-law - and then slept with my wife within a month - claimed to be a follower of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, who advised physicians to tell survivors, "Wait for about one year after the death of a loved one before making any major changes".

I guess, to him, the use of homeopathy also "diluted" any respect for professional doctor/patient/caregiver boundary issues. Yea, because he's special.

But not as special as:

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