Monday, September 30, 2013

I Think Mark Twain's The Only White American Who Ever Truly Loved All Black People And Wasn't Ashamed Of It


White Americans want the prestige of bad boob jobs more than their black countrymen not to be homeless or have decent lives. That's where the country's money has gone.


 Those are their priorities and the bodies we've grown up seeing everywhere are undeniable proof it. That's their work. No other group in the country had control.

Kennedy was chasing Marilyn. Bill was chasing Monica. This country has always had priorities.


 I've found that fact in a book that God can read instead of watching over me:


Or he can try My Parents Abandoned Me Because Whites Made Life Too Hard, or All My Friends Are Nazis (Of One Kind Or Another) is another good one.


I'm working on a new novel called How Homeopathy Changed My Life And No One Helped, plus a really short 1-page story I'm calling The Sterling Ethics Of The Western World.


 It has no words because, once black ink hits that pristine white page, nobody will read or like it anyway.


Their time is valuable and they know what life's worth.


And they've taught me to appreciate it as much as they do,...

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