Saturday, March 14, 2015

Emptying The Ocean With A Paper Cup: That's The Job

- Mike Brandon, 45, a Ferguson contractor whose suffered as protests stretched on over the months

All supported by American law, and it's judicial system, we might add: every bit of it perfectly legal, as the plunder of blacks has always been in this "land of the free."

Knowing our fellow citizens will kill us, before securing our rights, is a discomforting feeling. That they think their murderous framing is good, and normal, is unnerving. That they'd rather fight over it, merely because they can, says all any black history student needs to know about the "content" of white America's "character" - a much discussed topic - after 400 years. Their willing betrayal is true, and still as based in their own ignorance as ever, reason be damned. No one can reason with the violently insane:

What’s happening in Ferguson is great. It’s not over. The outcry on college campuses against SAE because of the Oklahoma University video is great. It’s not over. 

So you yell loud, you yell often, and you never change focus:

Reparations now. Reparations tomorrow. Reparations forever,...

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