Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Mystery That Only Deepens

All the first quotes are from Lisa Oz's Wikipedia page:

"Lisa Oz is an American producer, and frequent co-host of The Dr. Oz Show on the Oprah and Friends XM radio telecasts...."


[Oprah] may be the most powerful crank enabler on the planet.

- Vox, 2018

"[Lisa Oz] is a Reiki master..."


Reiki is a pseudoscience.

- Wikipedia

"[Lisa Oz] is co-producer of the Dr. Oz Show and credited with the idea for the television show as a way 'practicing preventive medicine on a grand scale'..."


Scientists tallied up all the advice on Dr. Oz's show. Half of it was baseless or wrong.

- Vox, 2014

"In 2011-2012 She narrating the documentary film Genetic Roulette—The Gamble of Our Lives asserting health risks from GMO foods...."


Are you anti-GMO? Then you’re anti-science, too.

- The Washington Post, 2018


"According to the New York Times, Lisa Oz's mother 'believed fervently in New Age approaches like homeopathic remedies and meditation' and also introduced her husband to 'alternative medicine and Eastern mysticism' which he now integrates into his advice programs."


Cancer patients who use alternative medicine die sooner

- Edzard Ernst MD, PhD, FMedSci, FRSB, FRCP, FRCPEd, 2013

But - Even After A Congressional Inquiry - No One Can Figure Out Why Dr. Oz Is A Quack!!!

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