Wednesday, October 28, 2020

The Truth About US Cults and Cultism In The World? The Rest Of Y'all Ain't There, Yet (You've Just Scratched The Surface) But, You're Getting Warmer

When The Macho Response began, after the phenomena of cultism started destroying my wife and life, the constant refrain I heard - from every corner of the globe - was "there are no cults". 


Nobody says that anymore.


No, nobody says "there are no cults", today. Not after the NewAge hit the world full-force, with QAnon, all these quacks and anti-vaccine cults, the fantacist “Cult Mom” killing her kids to run away with a guy spouting nonsense, the documentaries, movies, and TV shows (which I predicted, here, around 2011) and, now, NXIVM’s own “Vanguard”, Keith Raniere, a homegrown cult leader, I assumed (after watching him get away with it since 2007), would be creating his horny harem of silly Stepford wives for the rest of his life, just got 120 years.

Like so many others affected by cultism, it's far too late for this new, post-pandemic, flush of enlightenment to change my life for the better, but, whenever the world realizes Oprah is it’s most powerful woman, for no other reason than she wasn’t a (black) “man” and so, could lead other gullible women to guys like this asshole - all to try and escape reality - boy howdy.

THAT’s gonna be an enlightenment-level of "woke" empowerment, I don't think, the planet's ready to accept. And I don't wanna miss.

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