Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Welcome To The San FrancisCult, My Friend (Why, Thanks, That's Very White Of You)

"This is like a concentration camp. There is no way out unless you die."

- Keith "Kilo" Perry, a black San Franciscan who runs a barbershop in the Sunnydale Housing project

When I was married, I was always telling my wife, Karine, we should leave San Francisco:

"Life would be better for us", I said, "with more opportunities for me."

But no, there was no way the little "student of the occult" would ever leave the madness; not when she was doing so much, "spiritually", behind my back. Why would doing something for "us" be a good idea - as a mixed-race couple - when she, alone, was determined to socialize in a white occult gay culture that overwhelmingly dictated, as a white occultist woman, that she should only think of her white occultist self? As I heard one gay spiritualist tell her on one of her many recorded sessions:

"'Good' is when you get your way, and 'bad' is when you don't."

Even after she started her affair with the french occultist homeopath, Robert Wohlfahrt, she told another paid-for psychic occultist friend, Doti Boon, she was going to stay in occultist SF because of "the energy, the possibilities" etc. (Yea, the dummy really talked like that.) Well, let me tell you about the "the energy" and "the possibilities" the little nazi feels so comfortable in - and why I always wanted to get out so desperately.

Two recent back-to-back newspaper headlines (and blurbs) from the San Francisco Chronicle tell the tale of the so-called Most Liberal Place In America:


"The bottom line is that many people do not feel comfortable sending their kids to a school with a lot of African American students,...It's a crying shame. It's terrible. But it is a sad and obvious truth in our schools. And no one wants to touch it."



African Americans living in San Francisco lose more years of life to just about every possible cause of death than city residents of other racial backgrounds.

Yep - San Francisco's white gay cultish culture keeps it coming - from the cradle to the grave.

Whether it's the racism (which I've spoken about for years) the adulterous white bullshit mayor, or the adulterous white bullshit mayor's love for cults, or the general lack of respect for morals, or the general lack of any good sense - or, really, anything else - personally, I'm sick of the bullshit "no one wants to touch" in San Francisco. That city's been hiding the fact that it's a sick, evil, and toxic place - filled with cults that are spreading their corrosive magic-thinking ("you can believe whatever you want to believe") and making normal people miserable - for a long, long, time.

It's no wonder blacks have been leaving, like Jews from Nazi Germany, for years.

San Francisco (the home of est and the Landmark Forum) is filled with white cultish bastards, and living there - especially with that sick, sick, woman - almost killed me. I'll never get over the horror. And I'll never stop talking about it. And why should I?

It's not like anyone in San Francisco cares what a black man thinks - even one regarded as a genius - but especially not one with:

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  1. I think that San Francis cult is totally lost, I lived there five years and I also had to leave the city because I was getting bad behaviors, I think that's the "House of perdition".m10m