Thursday, January 6, 2011

Uh-Oh: Jenny McCarthy Lost Another Boyfriend

Shit. She and fellow NewAger, Jim Carrey, just broke up (Why can't most NewAgers, with all their love, ever make it work?) and now her "main man" Andrew Wakefield has gone and been exposed as a fraud - again - which is like cheating on her (or, at least, on her credibility, not that she had any, except with loons) because her whole anti-vaccine rap hinged on Wakefield's original bogus study. The poor thing. And her poor son:

If they ever do find a cure for autism, that kid's learning his stupid mom's a liar isn't going to be half as bad as discovering she started her unfortunate "career" doing pornos,...Hell, he might even go back into his shell.

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  1. I don't like her false portrayal of autism. Her son Evan does NOT, nor ever did, have autism. Media, get your story straight. Do the investigation that needs to be done here. This is just so lame. And it's just amazing how she rode the "my kid's autistic" bandwagon, then jumped off, as soon as her vague, abstract books were published. And shame on the dumb people who back her. My God people have ya ever heard of the psychological term, GROUPTHINK, it's a hysterical reaction. McCarthy did what most Hollywood types do: they grab whatever FAME and fortune they can, no matter how deceitful and fake their stories are, and then push it aside. Notice how she never tells us anything clear about Evan, she uses humor and jokes as a diversionary tactic to take you away from the reality her son never had autism.