Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dana & Arianna: The Man On The Moon Beams

Even if it's The Washington Post's Dana Milbank, out of all the coverage we've seen of Arianna Huffington's AOL coup, at least somebody said it - emphasis added by us:

This transformation should come as no surprise to anybody who has followed Huffington's remarkable career. Greek-born and Cambridge-educated, she has always been on the move ideologically, from her early squabbles with feminism to her role as a minister with the new-age Movement for Spiritual Inner Awareness, from her membership in Newt Gingrich's brain trust to her stint as populist activist - all before her greatest act, the Huffington Post.
So Arianna Stassinopoulos Huffington's back to being "a minister within" the NewAge movement, though when originally questioned about her involvement (during Michael Huffington's political career) she denied everything.

Somebody's lying and it's not us.

We're also enjoying Dana's claim that "Huffington deserves every one of those millions she'll be paid by AOL for creating this online sensation."

What's so cool about that line?

As far as we know, this is the first time in the modern history of the country, at least since the days of the Old West, when a charlatan could ride into town and establish an outpost - to sell water to the rubes and call it medicine - and an American journalist is seen openly applauding the fraud.

To claim Dana Milbank "has lost the plot" is an understatement.

Speaking of losing the plot, we also got a chuckle out of Arianna's statement that the Republican Party had once "seduced, fooled, blinded, bamboozled" her.

Dana says this is "crazy talk".

(Yea: this poor guy might be in need of some serious counseling,...)

But let's say Arianna was being honest - just this once - we can pretend, right?

Isn't she admitting her judgment - political, spiritual, or otherwise - can't be trusted?

Not hard to believe, considering she did marry a guy she claims not to have known was gay - another whopper she's never been held accountable for,...tell us:

How many out-and-out lies do the rich and powerful get to tell before our intrepid reporters start asking the hard questions?

Normal folks usually get one,...

Even Dana Milbank himself, still playing the clapping harp seal, admits as much when he says "If anybody was fooled, it was those who believed she would be a more enduring progressive than she was a conservative."

If you ask us, these paleface speak with forked tongue, Keemosabe.

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