Monday, April 7, 2014

The Crack Emcee Has Made It Back To San Francisco

The King - returned to his throne,...

In case anyone wondered/cared, I've made it back to San Francisco safe and sound, with the last shit I own. I was even on Radio Valencia this morning, discussing music with my pal, Uncle Ray, just like I'd never left.

As you can see, above, Ray's in one circle of my friends/artists that, most famously, includes Keith Knight, who draws The K Chronicles, a black underground comic featured in our country's "Weekly" family of newspapers (SF Weekly, Seattle Weekly, etc.). After talking, Ray caught me unawares by requesting I be on his show - and, then, he did it again - asking me to return, on-the-air. So, it looks like I might have my first new gig, just days after finding myself back in The City. 

 That's a BIG difference from Middle America right there.

That's not to say it isn't weird to be back, considering The Dotsies have (finally) taken over, raising the price of everything four-and-five fold. Will I be able to "make it" again, under these new, and more expensive, circumstances? I was expecting the tech turnover, so I don't know if it'll be as difficult for me, since I'm used to how creepy The Dotsie's new wealth can make things.

Most SF "artists" are moving away now - so I'll have to wait and see,…