Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Lies That Whole Foods Told (TMR's Told You, Too)

One of these things is not like the others - one of these things just doesn't belong

When a self-educated blogger can sniff out fraud better than most, by years, or even decades (Dr. Oz anyone?) it should be obvious our system of education is but one of those frauds, being publicly perpetrated, amongst many others. Like, take Whole Foods, please: 

You're now all "on the hook" for unnecessarily raising the poor's food costs

But - not to worry - TMR is sure those lies, at least, are "free range":

Vegetarian's reputation for honesty, and concern for human life, leaves much to be desired 

Because liars can't have a house - to trap us in - without building the foundation, first, right? Everybody knows that.

When white Americans become "enlightened" - hide your wallet, your knives, and watch your back

Except for these poor lost fools, who we hardly knew at all, because - thanks to NewAge "teachings" - they've never really known themselves:

Cultists never do.

They're just outlooks now, marketed appropriately, for purchase,…

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