Thursday, July 9, 2015

Bill Whittle Tries The Okie Doke Again (Claiming To Tell Real History While Not Explaining Racists On His Side)

If Bill Whittle will lie - as he says he's telling the truth - then what does that say about the party he's fronting for? In order for this hackneyed tale he's spinning to make sense, he's got to at least explain Lee Atwater, and why Cliven Bundy and Dylan Roof and whatnot are drawn to the Republicans - and why the party says so many things most blacks find repulsive. He's got to explain today's latest Jim Crow scheme to keep the Confederate flag, why even black Republicans (like David Clarke, Wisconsin's famous Sheriff, or now, Bill Cosby after the "pound cake" speech conservatives loved so much) sound like evil lunatics to the rest of us, and why they only constitute about 5% of the black population, when blacks already know them as family and not just political opponents. 

No, this kind of sorry-assed con job requires a lot more planning - and much better execution - than Ol' Bill is showing here, and that's a pity:

As I've often said - even I could make a case for the Right - but unfortunately, just like the Confederacy itself, the racists just haven't ever seemed too interested in saving themselves, politically or otherwise,...

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