Monday, December 6, 2021

Bite The Bullet, Baby (Today's Journalists Are Bad Stewards Of The U.S. Culture)

Reason magazine thinks Politics Has Too Much Posturing and Not Enough Problem-Solving - which is why TMR thinks politics is the wrong vehicle for dealing with the NewAge Movement. For instance, Aaron Rodgers Reportedly Met With A Notable Doctor On Friday, pretty much unscathed by his experience in the political limelight. The many dominoes that could've (and should've) fallen, after the exposure of his ignorance, exploitation, and deceit - homeopathy's many patrons, promoters, and practitioners - also still stand tall. Most, completely ignored by our (supposedly) story-hungry information industry.

The media's desire - to do anything, beyond allowing people and events to repeatedly, and unnecessarily, spin out of control - just isn't there.

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