Sunday, December 5, 2021

The Significant Other Can't Stay Hidden Forever (As They Destroy Everything)

Aaron Rodgers warped his world, and ours, by listening to his NewAge girlfriend. We're not learning much, but, more people are listening to her - and women like her - more closely.
Like, after CNN fires Chris Cuomo over ethics, the quote that currently opens his wife's NewAge website becomes remarkable: “If the truth is hidden in a vault that you don’t have access to, how can you make the right choice?
Right? THAT means - since NewAge is about spreading misinformation - we can see Mrs. Alec Baldwin's "truth" is now inverted, as an "unthinkable nightmare" her husband can't explain. Which is nice, for her.
That's how NewAge "works": even if Oprah Winfrey is blamed for Dr. Oz’s rise to power — and possible Senate seathis wife's still listed on Wikipedia as a "Reiki Master",...and nobody's blinked. YET.

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