Wednesday, December 1, 2021

You Make Your Own Heaven And Hell (Right Here On Earth)

German doctor administered his own homemade vaccine to 20K people because, when people are this stupid, why not?
Before my NewAge wife left, she warned, "We're in the hospitals - we're getting legit - you'd better 'get it' before it's too late!" Yes, she said "We're". And we're getting waay past "too late" now.
Anti-vaccine Christian broadcaster Marcus Lamb dies at 64 after contracting Covid and, God damn it, let's hear it for "Faith" and "beliefs" shall we? COVID-19 is finally backing the argument atheists have been making for thousands of years.
Jennifer Aniston’s new spiritual guru channels Jesus, talks to dead people, and, naturally, it's reported like there's no big national discussion going on about people today swallowing misinformation. This world famous woman passionately believes in nonsense, and it's reported as a mere curiosity, nothing more. Aaron Rodgers believes in nonsense and he catches Hell - because he's a man. But Jennifer Anniston? Nope. Not in the NewAge.
Chris Cuomo's finally getting some of what he's got comin' - while his NewAge peddling yogi wife carries on, misinforming suckers, undisturbed. It's not fair.
ELIZABETH HOLMES ADMITS THAT SHE WAS CEO OF THERANOS, THE COMPANY SHE FOUNDED Because, thanks to the cowardice of the average person out there today, a courtroom is probably the only place a NewAger can be forced to admit the obvious, and not "their truth".
The most popular social meme guiding the left has is the yogi - images of people (mostly women) participating in NewAge are everywhere as we learn "though yoga communities have verbiage around collectivism as slogans, the reality is they are very focused on themselves,...politically disengaged,...also scientifically illiterate" - these are the people asking "Is society coming apart?" Yeah, because of people like you, and the people and ideas you're choosing. Speaking of which:

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