Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Con Dem Nation

Growing up in foster homes, if I did something wrong, punishment was harsh.

Because I couldn't appeal to my parents, excuses didn't get very far.

There was no one around to coddle me.

So I just learned not to mess up.

I think that kind of upbringing is one reason why the world looks so bizarre to me as an adult.

I now see people lying, cheating, killing - everything - but, because so many were raised by indulgent parents, these newest adults don't believe in punishment for transgressions.

People lie about pretty much everything and nothing happens - even when we know those acts make life harder on the rest of us.

The people behind the global warming hoax, like Al Gore for instance, are allowed to walk away with whatever money they got (from scamming those able to be fooled) and that's O.K. to most, even though it's already cost our country (and individuals) billions, if not trillions, of dollars during this economic depression.

This is why crime and punishment are two areas where I find Muslim nations superior to ours:

They believe in right and wrong - and swift punishment.

We in the West may not like the punishments, but as I said, except in the case of someone like Bernie Madoff (and he, mostly, because he embarrassed celebrities) many don't seem to think anyone should be punished for much of anything, no matter who gets hurt or how.

Considering most foster kids are in those homes through no fault of their own, but because their parents messed up somehow - usually sexually - it's put us in a strange situation, growing up amongst so many we find clueless, lawless, and depraved, and who will always argue against holding anyone (and especially not themselves) accountable for anything.

Personally, I'm just as happy these liberals weren't in charge of my childcare as they are that I'm not in charge of dispensing justice, now.

Because, needless to say, none of us would've amounted to much.


  1. I find you to be a man of principle and I thought, given your requests for donations, it most exemplary that you have refused the increases in vet pension that Bush administration reduced and Obama reinstalled.

    If you and all the other vets tell Obama exactly where he can stick his government handout then that will be a considerable sum to ensure that Palin becomes the next President.

    Yes, the Bush era does look golden when you consider how much Obama is all about safety nets - universal healthcare, veteran benefits, housing, welfare. Bush cut all that and nobody suffered much. If they lost their jobs or their houses, it's their own damn fault. That money should go to speculators and an indefinite war effort.

    Yay tea parties, yay Rush, and yay Crack Emcee

  2. Libs always diss the requests for donations (they'd like it better if, like Obama, I just took money out of other's pockets) but you're at least nice about it.

    Yes, we vets love Obama - he cares so much - he won Iraq for us, right?

    Palin for Prez? Good idea. Better idea: Cheney for Prez.

    "Yay tea parties, yay Rush, and yay Crack Emcee"

    I couldn't agree more.

    Thanks for writing.

  3. Amos - I saw this and thought of you:

    "A firm belief in the individual's ability, ideas, courage, will and a reliance on one's own resources brought the US to the top. The American dream promised everyone the chance of upward mobility -- literally from rags to riches, from minimum wage to millionaire. The individual's pursuit of happiness was seen as the crucial foundation for the well-being of society, rather than the benevolent state which cares for its subjects -- and certainly not the welfare state, which provides a social safety net for its citizens."

    Why you, Amos, can't see what's right in front of your eyes is beyond me.

  4. Amos was being sarcastic?

    The problem with your analysis is that it presumes that unfettered capitalism, with no safety net, means that all are better off. There's a sizable percentage of the population who lived under Republican administrations to whom this would be news indeed.

    If they are reliant on an entrepreneurial acumen they don't possess, or the principle of noblesse oblige then they are doomed to be exploited and have a shit life. The rich benefit at their expense by paying them low wages or buying in to 'work for welfare' schemes. This is the unspoken truth of "prosperous" societies and not something that the Right ever seek to address.

    If they really stood up and said "Well it's not just my brains and my daredevil go-getter attitude, I also need drones to work my machinery and drive my trucks", they'd look like wankers so instead they insist that the benefits they have are available to everyone. In truth, the poor often stay poor and reliant on what crumbs others will throw their way.

    Would the independently wealthy really decide that they'd rather do with a few million less and sponge off the government? Of course not. The only people it benefits are the disadvantaged and the hapless and whether you feed them or not, they're not the engine that drives this or any other economy, and never will be.