Saturday, August 8, 2020

You're On Your Own, Kid

Articles on "How to Chart a Path out of QAnon and Other Cult-like Communities" are pretty easy for me to find. I don't need them - since I've never joined a cult or cult-like community - so, they're also pretty useless. But, I can find all you need.

Articles I need are NOT so easy to find. Articles on how the enlightened (who are more-than-aware of cults) endure a society that's creating cultists - that's cranking out "QAnon and Other Cult-like Communities" in the first place - all while suffering the sexual abuse, and other ethical wreckage, that goes with living in a society, totally-hooked, on cultism. Articles on how to cope with the phenomena of society-wide gaslighting - hearing constant denialsthat so many "cult-like communities" have formedwhen you're aware cults and cultists are going about their dirty work - do those all-important articles exist? If so, where can I find them, to learn how to go on? Survivalist sites?

Articles, addressing THOSE Steve Jobs-worshipping elephants, sitting in the middle of the modern world's computerized room - as far as I know - can't be found, ANYWHERE. Not even in science; certainly not in the English-speaking part of the west - not anywhere, I know of, on the internet. And I'm desperate. I just haven't seen them in life. And MY life is someplace, I thought, such things as cults never stood a chance.

It's just MY mothafuckin' bad, I guess, that I didn't check with them, first.

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