Tuesday, May 5, 2009

And People Are Stupid. Let's Not Forget That: People Have Become Really, Really Stupid

"Oprah has a problem. Not that Oprah cares. She's rich, and she's Oprah. Why on earth should she care if more kids become ill from vaccine-preventable diseases and if some of them even die because she gave a platform to an anti-vaccine loon like Jenny McCarthy to spread her poison about vaccines and frighten parents with pseudoscience, misinformation, and lies? There's money to be made! And if there's one thing Oprah is very, very good at, it's making money.

If the price is a few more dead kids, well what are a few more--or even many more--dead kids to her? She's Oprah, after all."

-- Orac, lamenting a new Harpo-produced anti-vaccination show for Jenny McCarthy - and finally getting the full, murderous picture of what using Respectful Insolence against a deeply disrespectful NewAge belief system is creating - on Respectful Insolence.

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