Tuesday, November 30, 2010

On Best Friends, Betrayal And TMR's Better Way

Our boy, Detonator Kemrexx, sent this gem to us as a reminder of how friendship "works" with the majority of people out there - and it's 100% true of 99% of the people we've known:

When the going was smooth and good, they were everywhere.

Our phone used to start ringing around 5:30AM, and the last visitor to the house usually didn't leave until well after midnight. But, ever since the murders, they can hardly be found except as occasional antagonists in this blog's comments section, still trying to push their socialist agenda on us.

We recently got in an argument with an asshole online, and all he would do is crow about how many of our former "friends" (read: San Francisco NewAge socialists) contacted him to report some bullshit they thought would damage us further - can you imagine? Think about it for a moment:

You used to be friends with a minor celebrity. He discovers his wife is in a cult. Then he discovers she's cheating on him with a "guru". Then he discovers they were killing people. Your reaction? Call him crazy and basically abandon him to the streets during the worst period of his life.

Until a few years later, when it's proven everything he was saying was true - even the "cult" talk - and we mean every single word of it!

He tried to talk to you about it all, but now you can't look him in the eye because of how you treated him in his hour of need. So he moved away, and gathered a new class of friends. A bunch of conservatives (including non-liberal Jews) who never questioned his story because they recognized the integrity you used to be drawn to - and now he no longer wants shit to do with you or your kind.

So today, being a bunch of socialist backstabbers, you use his new political orientation to attack him further. You follow his blog just to antagonize him because you can't stand being abandoned in return. You contact anyone he has beef with, claiming you used to be friends, telling his enemies all the inside dirt on him - of course, never mentioning why he no longer likes you, or the reason you used to be friends in the first place:

Because he was an honest and talented guy, who you had only hoped to hitch your wagon to, because his shine was always better then yours - and now he's free of you.

So that's friendship to us now'a'days - and it's a travesty - but we didn't make the rules. What are the rules?:

Be careful who you get close to - consider mostly conservatives (for new acquaintances) and people you've known for, at least, 20+ years.

For all others, demand they prove themselves.

We've known Detonator Kemrexx for 25+ years. He's the kind of friend anyone would want to have. He was the first one through the door when the shit went down.

And of course, to us, that exemplified The Macho Response.


  1. You might enjoy this; I did.


  2. Whoo, T-man. You really playin the pity song nowdays, aint you? We didnt leave you cause you got integrity, and you didnt lose them jobs because of no new age bullshit. you just turned into a bitter old woman and we couldnt stand listening to your crap any more.

    You go head and lose this commment, cuz you dont want anyone to see the side of you your ex friends saw. But we know better. You know better. And the ones who swallow your story dont know you at all. Peace

  3. And my wife killing people, "J.D.", you got any comment on that? I find it funny that you critics can talk all this shit, focusing on my thoughts about you, and always leave that out - what was your take on that? Could that - and the reaction you had to that - turn someone "bitter"?

    Face it: You lie. I'm not afraid of you - or what you don't know about my jobs - so keep spinning all you want.

    Peace my ass. Lick it.

  4. Oh - and one more thing:

    If what I've written is a lie, what are you doing here? What are you checking up on me online for? If you're one of my former friends, I haven't seen you in years - why are you still following me? Trying to damage me - which is what I said you're up to? You can't hide your bullshit:

    You're a NewAge socialist liar.

  5. musta hit a nerve there, eh T-man? If she killed someone, why aint she doin time for it? Oh yeah, cause all them people in france be in on her shit, right?

    Keep it up man. Its easy to see that it aint me spinning shit and telling lies. Aint me squealin like a pig done lost its momma, either.

    You right about one thing. It been a long time. Heard about what you up to and thought Id see mesself. I seen it nowe, and its gonna be a longer time before I see you again, cauise I aint got the time for no whining bitch be blaming everyone else for him fuckling his own self up.

  6. My thinking is it's because she was an accomplice, but I don't know. Whatever it was, it wasn't because your bitch ass was any help.

    So who did you hear what I'm up to from? See, you can't help but fall over your own dick and prove the very point I'm making in this post:

    You lying little bitches can't leave me be - that's why I left your ass. Or are you now going to try and claim you all didn't beg me to stay? Fuck you. I wanted nothing else to do with you, just as I want nothing to do with you now.

    I know who my friends are - I've still got tons throughout the San Francisco Bay Area - but they ain't no crazy NewAge socialists liars like you. They were, and are, friends. Only you assholes got froggy when I voted for Bush - does it kill you the country now understands that I was right and you dickheads were wrong? How about Obama, asshole? Wasted a vote on his shit, didn't you? And now the Tea Party - probably the greatest expression of my politics today - is the most potent force in the land, and what are your heroes? NOTHING!

    See, I know why you're after me: because you can't admit you're wrong. Only you assholes come here and try to turn a lie into a truth - but it can't work anymore. So go on - keep saying everything was my fault when you're here doing exactly as I said you are. Go on - keep voting for LOSERS and saying it was I who had gone crazy for not joining you. Go on - keep defending your crazy NewAge beliefs that are losing their attractiveness with each passing day:

    None of it will ever work again.

    YOU. LOSE.

    Oh - and, of course, there's always the last reason I know you're here:

    This blog gets thousands of readers a day.

    What you got? Were you one of those who told me to stop? Were you one of those who sabotaged it back in the day, thinking I would get scared and not start it up again - twice? Fuck you cultists. You underestimated me every step of the way. My ideas are winning converts and yours are losing power. You're nothing. You were nothing before and you're nothing now. You thought you had trapped a black man's mind - he's from South Central, Los Angeles, he'll NEVER figure out the "spiritual" game you pricks play, right? Riiight.

    Fuck you. I got you all figured out - and others do, too - and there's nothing you can do to stop any of it. Like I said:


    And, lastly, the idea that I will ever "see you again" is laughable. I'm gone, baby. No you go back to being the ass-backwards, boring, do-nothing hippies you are and leave us grown folk alone.

    We got things to do and your ass ain't part of it.

  7. One of the great secrets of human nature is that the one thing people want more than love, security, sex, chocolate or big-screen TV's is to feel hard done by.

    Why? Because being hard done by is the shit. Feeling hard done by is the sweetest of drugs. If you're being persecuted -- it must mean you're doing the right thing, right? You get the mellow buzz of the moral high ground, but without arrogantly claiming it as your own. You get an instant, supportive community in a big dark scary world of such scope it may well literally be beyond rational human processing.

    When you are hard done by, you get purpose in a life where otherwise, you'd have to find your own. And when you ride that high, then no amount of logic, no pointing out that in actuality you and your beliefs are at a high point of popularity and influence for the last hundred years -- is going to pry that sweet crack-pipe of moral indignation from your hands.

  8. For someone who has "moved on" this blog seems to spiral up its own ass with numbing regularity. What does it do? It quotes itself. It quotes other bitter cranks. It never once interrogates its own assumptions.

    Some of the critics who come on here make a far more cogent argument in a couple of paragraphs than you do in your entire blog. But to show how little you grow - how stunted you are (a typical conservative mindset) - you never adjust your thinking, never concede a point. Even when someone has you dead to rights.

    This is called being fucking pathetic in public. Tragic

  9. Like anonymous pissings can ever carry any moral or philosophical weight. You notice I'm not hiding what you say because I want everyone to see what I've written on this post is true:

    You NewAge socialists have been, and still are, obsessed with my every action. Watching me. Discussing me. Following me. Hounding me. Anything but leaving me alone.

    If I, or my blog, were irrelevant or wrong you wouldn't be here. What do the words of a black man mean to massive world-wide political and spiritual movements? They mean everything. I'm not going along - and I'm taking the world with me.

    Stay anonymous, chumpy. You kill me with your stupidity and cowardice.

  10. Inewe and Well deserved down with it, JD nailed it, and the poor little beat down black man dont see it. Cant argue what they say, so he diss them instead. That all you got, CMC? And you think the world following YOU?

  11. Inewe and Well deserved down with it, JD nailed it, and the poor little beat down black man dont see it. Cant argue what they say, so he diss them instead. That all you got, CMC? And you think the world following YOU?

    Well, let's see - there's four different names commenting here, so somebody's reading the thing!

    J.D. said he "Heard about what you up to" - so somebody's talking to each other about me!

    I don't hang out on blogs, and make comments, unless something's going on there, so - yea - I think (after YEARS of this going on here) somebody's following me!

    Or do you have a better explanation for why:

    A) you're all here

    B) it's so important to you to defeat my opinion

    C) you won't go away

    D) it's been going on for years

    E) it's possible that, with no one talking about me, someone ""Heard about what you up to"?

    F) You won't reveal your identit(ies)

    G) You even give a shit

    I've got one: you fucking NewAge liberal cultists are crazy - and I'm your worst nightmare with a clear message:

    Suck my dick, lick my ass.

  12. Suck my dick, lick my ass.

    Don't matter which end of the dick you on, a faggot is a faggot. That what you trying so hard to keep hid with your screamin and dissin? Truth comin out, Louis.

    We talk about you sometimes. Wonder if you ever found another woman to support your lazy ass, but aint interested enough to drop in or call cuz we'd have to listen to you whine. And you aint important enough to put up with that.

  13. Jesus, you're an idiot. So you've moved from calling me "T" to "Louis"? Whatever. Are you having fun yet?

    Oh, look - there's my name! And Oh shit, look - there it is again!

    You getting the picture yet, dumbass? Remember - I'm not a coward like you, hiding who I am while taking potshots from afar - I'm a man - I write The Macho Response:

    I don't know what you are, but it definitely doesn't qualify.