Sunday, November 28, 2021

Blinded By The Light

America by Gaslight 

When institutions and authority figures present open questions as settled and use coercive power to get their way, the collapse of public trust is a predictable result 

This headline is from a story about COVID mandates, but, instead, it could (and probably should) be addressing The NewAge Movement, and how they “use coercive power to get their way”, too.
Think about it: someone convinced NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers that water was medicine. Many speculate, like Jim Carrey being with Jenny McCarthy, it was Rodger’s fiancée, actress Shailene Woodley. But, then, who convinced Woodley? The media certainly don’t seem to care, when I can think of five likely candidates (based on their past endorsements) right off the top of my head: 

Boiron Inc., the French company that makes homeopathy, followed by Oprah Winfrey, (now-wannabe Senator) Dr. Oz, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Cristina Cuomo, wife of disgraced newscaster and sex pest, Chris Cuomo (and Sister-In-Law to disgraced former NY Governor and sex pest, Andrew Cuomo).
Why haven’t any of their names come up through all of this Aaron Rodgers/homeopathy hullabaloo? And why are they allowed to lay so low through it all? Isn’t this their time - and the time for their beliefs - to shine?
They're laying low because, they know, it’s the culture’s focus on politics - and, especially, the use of it’s language - that prohibits most from seeing (and, thus, addressing) the very-spiritual problem that these people in The NewAge Movement are presenting us with. For instance, in an article about homeopathy - which is the aspect of NewAge that got Rodgers in trouble - it says: 

“Feelings don’t care about facts. When your identity is shaped by pseudoscientific beliefs, you have made your brain more or less impervious to facts”
Aren't people "impervious to facts" - but running our society - a big ol’ problem? Is the mainstream media even mentioning that there are multiple powerful fools out there whose “identity is shaped by pseudoscientific beliefs”? Or even telling us who these Nazis are that desire to "shape" other people, and why? How are we expected to trust the media, or reason with these people, without that information? Or try this quote on for size: 

Homeopathy is a chameleon in pharmacies. It has taken the look and shape of genuine medication and will easily fool the casual shopper,...the average person cannot distinguish homeopathic cold and flu products from medicated ones when presented with a table spread. Even when asked point-blank to define homeopathy, the near-totality of polled Canadians can’t do it. In 2016, Health Canada conducted an online survey on consumer health products in 2,502 Canadians. Nearly half confused homeopathy with herbal products. Only 5% of respondents showed at least a partial understanding of homeopathy.
How can anything but chaos result from a situation like this, or from engaging with the people into it - especially without any serious warning such people even exist? 

Instead, since no one’s talking about it, they’re being given free reign to "holistically" destroy everything - and we’re constantly being left only to pick up the pieces.
This is all because there are parameters being put on our thinking - by the NewAgers themselves - that prevent us from seeing what we should. You don’t think Oprah Winfrey is Best Friends with a CBS News Producer like Gayle King for nothing, do you? And have you noticed the rest of the media isn’t the least bit interested in why or how a CBS News Producer could be Best Friends with a woman who, in 2018, Seth Macfarlane said had spread "misinformation and pseudoscience" for 30 years? Or why Harry & Meghan would go to such a person? Or what it means that Vice President Kamala Harris slept with the talking-to-the-dead TV con artist, Montel Williams (Surely, that was clue she’d make an excellent VP, one day)?
Moving like smoke, through “institutions and authority figures”, all most can do is play defense as things go wrong - and playing it badly - since they’re fighting a multi-headed hydra, that was never seen coming in for an attack in the first place. Politics, Science, Education, entertainment & celebrities, and more - The NewAge Movement infests them all - so, which direction is it coming from next, and where (and how) to even begin?

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