Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Let's Get All Caught-Up: This Blog"s Right (And It's The World That's Wrong) #2

So, I hope we’ve established that, by 2008, this blog, and others, were already aware of (and concerned about) anti-vaccinationists, when few others were, including most of the media. Thirteen years ago, Antivaxx was a leftist movement, so no one cared. That's how the world worked. When this started, NewAgers were open about what they did. There was no COVID-19 back then, and Donald Trump wasn’t on the political radar for NewAgers in the news media (or like early anti-vaccine activist Jim Carrey, years later, on SNL) to use as a scapegoat. 
But, The NewAge Movement and Oprah Winfrey (a journalist, and thus, a part of the media) were there. Oprah was even campaigning with Barack Obama, long after she’d been promoting anti-vaccinationists, homeopathy, and much, much more like them - practically the entire pantheon of the NewAge Movement - UFO nut, Shirley MacLaine, included. And the media said NOTHING critical about her, what she was doing, or the con artist's tools she was using. Unlike Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey was embraced with open arms for spreading misinformation and pseudoscience. And she always has been. Excused, even. Seth Macfarlane mentioned it in 2018. Meghan and Harry (two NewAgers) probably used her, in 2019, for that very reason. Few dare question what Oprah’s been buying (into) and/or selling, no matter how bogus it is. And - at it's core - it's almost all bogus. 
It's the same with Howard Stern and Transcendental Meditation - the quackery, cult, and fraud - as he's allowed the radio waves to freely badger Aaron Rodgers, which is also totally bogus: why do Howard and Oprah and Jim Carrey get a pass, when they're snacking from the same, dangerous, NewAge smorgasbord?
Thankfully, Howard and the rest of the media are still talking about Rodgers, but all of them have already stopped talking about the 200-year old phenomena of homeopathy, that all of Rodgers' problems sprang from. Nothing on the pharmacies selling it (or how they get away with doing that) or the billions of believers around the world, or the French company that makes it (or how France recently called homeopathy a "grave error") or Prince Charles being homeopathy's patron in the UK, or what any of that means, because the focus is staying exclusively on Aaron Rodgers lying to the NFL. So the fact he lied in the service of homeopathy is ignored - even by Joe Rogan. The fact homeopathy is water with a belief system attached - that causes people to lie about it - is being ignored by just about everyone. What role a NewAge media's self-imposed ignorance is playing, in screwing up society, is also not being examined, at all. In a media-saturated nation. There's only one message we're getting, from everywhere, on the left and right, all day long, in the western world:


And, as you can see, The NewAge Movement's been really taking it to heart.

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