Thursday, November 25, 2021

Let's Get All Caught-Up: This Blog Was Right (And It's The World That's Wrong)#3

Describing Democrats' deepest fears, The Washington Examiner’s Byron York said - along with the pandemic:

Focus groups point to weaknesses in what some Democrats believe is their ace in the hole — Trump.” 

Name-checking Donald Trump is ringing hollow as the pandemic wears on, because - as TMR has shown over the last two posts - Trump wasn't in The NewAge Movement in 2008, when the Democrat’s anti-science nonsense began. And we keep being reminded of it's beginning. Example: The Spectator warning readers Bill Maher is not your ally. They’d know this if they were aware of The NewAge Movement - and antivaxxers - over the last decade:

If they were aware of them (see Alec I'm-Married-To-A-Killer-Yoga-Instructor Baldwin up there?) then they'd also know QAnon is a left-wing creation - not a product of Donald Trump - and they'd see NewAgers not only got us into this, but are now positioned as liberal gatekeepers, “advising” on how to get out of it.

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