Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Let's Get All Caught-Up: This Blog"s Right (And It's The World That's Wrong) #1

(The radio host ripped the Green Bay Packers quarterback for lying about his COVID vaccine status)

Where to begin? If you want to pull back the curtain, “Howard Stern” is the obvious choice, because - not only does his name open the damn thing - but TMR wrote of him as a member of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s Transcendental Meditation cult (as well as Howard’s personal fall-out from all that) going all the way back to 2008.

Plus, this headline is from The Huffington Post, which (also in 2008) TMR noted was “
A Warehouse For Wackos”. Why give (cult leader Arianna Huffington's) "HuffPo" that title - all the way back in 2008? It wasn't just because other cult members, like Howard Stern, appeared in it. Here’s the direct quote - from “a cancer surgeon and NIH-funded cancer investigator” - that instigated my actions: 

 “Within three weeks of its formation, I had noticed a very disturbing aspect of the Huffington Post, and that was that it appeared to be providing a major soapbox for antivaccinationists,..."

Emphasis mine. So, what were you thinking about in 2008? What about now? Or what are you being told to think? Or how to think it? The links, above, are just a bit of evidence (real world proof) that The Crack Emcee's head was screwed-on tight, waaay before everyone else's - because The NewAge Movement has never fooled TMR - not even when filtered through the Howard Stern's of the world. And, they don't have to fool anyone else, either. Just keep reading - and pass it along to someone else: I'm breaking it all down, now, right here (To Be cont'd,...).

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