Monday, October 12, 2009

Listen Up: We'll Lie Down When We're Dead

"The superficial fluffily benign language of multiculturalism that comes so naturally to our rulers provides a lot of cover for the shriveling of free speech.... "

-- Mark Steyn, sporting the garments of Captain Obvious - please, someone, tell me something I don't already know or haven't already covered - as NewAge continues to make headway in Canada, shocking The National Review.

Listen, people: I dare you to watch this Christian video from the past (70's? Early 80s?) and tell me you don't hear the Maharishi's NewAge cultists using same "harmless", and seemingly-meaningless, language ("We're taking an 'integrated' approach") that's popular for railroading thought today. How did that happen? How did the lying ideas and phrases of a bunch of fruitcakes - who are out to control the planet and believe they can fly - become the language of the mainstream? In light of the results, as outlined by Mark Steyn above, I think it's the most important question worth asking, especially because anyone older than me isn't going to like the answer - or that answer being revealed. Here's a hint:

Man, those Boomers sure do love to meditate, and anything that smacks of being Eastern, don't they?

And BTW:

The language, seen in the art above, is paraphrasing Karl Marx. My point? Unless you're aware of what they're doing to you, these losers have got you coming-and-going, nodding at anything they say.

It's time for America's solipsism to end. Barack Obama is Oprah's boy from Chicago - and right now they've got the upper hand - so let's agree it's time to play politics with them The Chicago Way:

That's The Macho Response.

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