Friday, January 31, 2014

Blacks, Winning Our Struggle For Freedom, Didn't Make Whites Magically Become Good, Honest, And Intelligent

Now that the shoe's on the other foot, and black observations can be fully heard - after hundreds of years of almost-unquestioned servitude - whites don't come off as too bright, or kind, or (sorry to say) even human.

Individual whites, sure, but - historically - it appears to be an undeniable fact that Evil is at the core of white's culture. 

Even worse, when seen in the full light of day - with all their pluses and minuses on display - whites, still, will get pretty pissed at any reminder of their culture's true nature and heritage.

I think, they think, their anger will move us.

Like whites, finding something to be pissed about in the truth, is anything new for blacks.

Anger's never moved whites to do anything but initiate some form of (verbal/physical/mental) punishment.

Blacks just stare.

It's black anger that's new - but whites refuse to face it - while desperately trying to convince everyone we're as free as they are.

Whites stay angry, at what they did AND losing control over it, but - since no one's hurting them - they wrongly think their anger is  justified; making them, still, the best ones to police everybody else.

That's insane, considering they have no track record of understanding the ideals they claim to believe in, having betrayed every one through time - starting with "All Men Are Created Equal".

Only blacks and Indians have a cultural pressure, for restraint put on ourselves, enforced by white's anger and lies, seemingly still obsessed with controlling, both, our inner and outer worlds according to them.

Honestly - they call that "freedom" - and think we don't know what they're still doing.

Whites don't want justice in America - never have - never will.

Whites can only be comfortable - and, just as apparently, can only be prosperous - when brutally enslaving others.

White America's only really happy (so far as I can tell) when harassing people, lighter-skinned than we should be already, for being forced to carry them in our veins.

It doesn't make travels to black ancestral countries - where how dark you are matters - as much fun.

Not that whites ever cared about such things - it's always been about them - to them.

Blacks have been carrying lazy, shit-talking, whites for a long, long time.

So, when it comes to America in 2014 - even being led by a black president - white's numbers insure there's nothing new:

Because of white people - America was a racist country:

And - because of white people - America's still a racist country.

You'll get no argument from most on that.

Except from whites.

So - because of them - America's true title is NOT "The Land Of The Free And The Home Of The Brave".

Because of whites - specifically - America deserves a whole new creed: 

That of "A Sick, And Almost Hopeless, Situation,…"

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