Friday, August 6, 2021

Crack To Edzard Ernst: There's No Blacks There (Message Received, Asshole)

From Professor Ernst's opening line ("oh dear, who writes such a drivel?") anyone can see how my criticisms of others are received: not as something serious to be debated, but from a perch of superiority they assume they lord over me. I write "drivel" - just not drivel this politically partisan dumbshit can refute. Nor will he. Ever.

I did nothing to be treated like this, by this weird and cranky old man. I merely said he was wrong. He is supposed to be a Scientist, and a man of letters. Instead, he acts like a fucking child. And his followers are equally frivolous, bitching about how I talk, to escape debating the points I make. I actually admired this crew. Skeptics. No more.

 Now, I shit on the lot of them, and am sorry I ever engaged them. Good job, "spreading Science", Assholes.

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  1. Louis- please don't stereotype all skeptics as 'assholes'. We come in all shapes and sizes, colors and creeds. Edzard Ernst is the one with the 'superiority complex'. He concedes that medicine is both an art and a science and the there might be something in manipulative therapy. Yet when questioned on these reasons he may hold refuses to answer. In fact I have yet to 'see' him concede anything that points to a mistake he may have made. He is not worth engaging in serious intellectual discourse. He always knows best