Thursday, August 5, 2021

The Science World Online Is Full Of Intellectual Cowards (Yes, "Orac" Included)

"Why are the editors at Science-Based Medicine steadfastly refusing to engage? Why is David Gorski (AKA Orac, above) using a blocking tool on anyone who broaches the subject (and all those who ‘like’ such challenges)? 

We may never know as the blog posts are bluffing out the false view that this is settled. People who raise this are blocked. This is the antithesis of science-based medicine. No clinical question should be off-limits. No evaluation of risks should be brushed aside. No acceptance of a treatment can be made without it being in the context of science, evidence and medical ethics. 

However this now unfolds, this is becoming a very damaging event for, not just the SBM blog, but for the very fight that it is right to insist medicine happens within a rational and scientific framework, where free discussion of evidence and its meaning can take place." 

 - From The Decline and Fall of Science-based Medicine by Andy Lewis, The Quackometer Blog 

Needless to say, this has been TMR's experience with the "online Science community" almost from the start: with few exceptions (PandaBear MD being the most notable) all of the Doctors online block serious challengers to their worldview. It's intellectual cowardice at it's best - and not just that they do it, but the way they apply it: it's not for being wrong, but for merely OPPOSING them. They're too used to people sucking their dicks. Meanwhile, SCAM, scammers, Oprah and cults get bigger and stronger on their watch - as the rest of us are consigned to watching it happen - because we can never get their support.

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