Wednesday, August 4, 2021

The Cuomos, The Clintons, The Con Artists, And Crack (All Connected To Crime)

"Andrew clearly doesn't live in reality" says one of the New York Governor's accusers, as Bill Clinton's accusers watch, knowing their entire political party has suffered from this problem for quite a long time: it's the NewAge.


They get their national news from the Governor's brother, who's known to be an idiot, but who's wife runs a NewAge business - to misinform believers.
Next, the Governor will "share his truth" with Oprah, who's also in the NewAge - based purely on misinforming people - to keep reality at bay.
Seth Macfarlane reminded us: Oprah's been doing this a long time - to no complaints - as THE truth's gone straight to Hell.
Thanks to Oprah and the Clintons, today, THE truth means almost nothing.
Suggest there is one, and only one - with Oprah and the NewAge Movement opposing it - and then you're the criminal.

That's how it's been since they trashed reality - and the entire Cuomo family knows it: Criminals, of all kinds, saw when the first crack was made.
We all did: and how - ever since - they've all claimed a broken shard as their own.

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