Thursday, January 22, 2009

Joseph Nigro: We Pledge,...

TMR pledges to look at this photograph and know, with awe struck amazement, there’s nothing going on inside that head.

Her pledge: “I’m gonna give them a smile.”

How generous.

TMR pledges to stop picturing you on Bill Clinton’s lap and try hard to see you as merely irrelevant instead of sleazy and arrogant. In exchange, you will continue your stem cell research.

TMR pledges to watch in earnest as you free one million slaves. Does this mean you’ll divorce and set free your man-boy/lapdog?

TMR pledges to resist any notion that you represent this country in any way. Now go run to mommy so she can punk you.

TMR pledges to never forgive you for holding out on humanity. All this time you could have cured Alzheimer’s and yet you wait until now.

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