Monday, March 29, 2010

Why Are Liberals Such Really Bad Winners?

I've noticed this since the night Obama got elected: Liberals don't seem aware when they're winning. Which is fine by me, because I have every intention of burying them when the worm turns (and it always does) so their behavior is nothing I choose to lose sleep over. I already knew they're unhinged. No surprises there.

It is frustrating they never remember what all they do, though. I've had a number of people write in, or e-mail, accusing the right of something that eventually gets exposed as false (like Tea Partiers yelling racial slurs) and who are also completely oblivious to what liberals said and did over the eight Bush years - which included open threats to kill the president - or even the history of the Democratic Party being the home of the KKK's "Dixiecrats". (I wish I could see Democrats, now, as trying to make up for that sordid past but, based on their actions and arguments, I don't: they're just race hustlers and, white, black, or brown, they don't care who they're hustling for as long as it brings the party power. Sadly, I'm finding some of that on the right as well,...) I might not care as much if I thought the Dems were actually helping anyone but - like those great mortgages that have now saddled the poor with huge debts for houses they can't afford to live in - "power to the people" just ain't how the Democratic Party rolls.

O.K., that's enough for this latest example of how great liberals - and especially liberal supporters of Senator Harry Reid - supposedly are.

Me? Shit, I'm a known asshole, so I'm getting away from all this shit - right now - before I might have to go to jail,...

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