Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rotten Tomatoes (What A Bargain!)

What are you looking at? We've found one explanation for the success of NewAge "thinking" right here:

"Toddlers who tell lies early on are more likely to do well later, researchers claim.

The complex brain processes involved in formulating a lie are an indicator of a child's early intelligence, they add.

A Canadian study of 1,200 children aged two to 17 suggests those who are able to lie have reached an important developmental stage.

Only a fifth of two-year-olds tested in the study were able to lie.

But at age four, 90% were capable of lying, the study found. The rate increases with age to a peak at age 12."
From then on, I guess, lying just becomes (like NewAge itself) "a way of life" that you can't get away from without feeling weird.

Why, here's one of those lies that's caught on, big time:

"Organic food has no health, taste or nutritional advantages over conventionally manufactured or harvested food.

That is the damning verdict of a study by Berlin based consumer watchdog group Stiftung Warentest.

The results, from one of the most respected consumer groups in Europe - backed and funded by the German government but totally independent - is a massive embarrassment for the organic food industry."
Not even for taste - which has been the last refuge that NewAgers run to when the health angle fails.

So much for "back to nature", and the "raw food" movement, you idiots.

All you succeeded in doing was raising the price of food - a basic necessity - by fifty cents an item, meaning you ripped yourself off (along with everyone else who bought into your bullshit) gave the money to other liars (and criminals) and helped destroy a perfectly fine food delivery system.

As Mark Steyn recently commented:

"We’re too broke to be this stupid."
To which I reply no, Mark, obviously they're not:

The NewAger's Post-Boomer stupidity (along with the harm, and embarrassment, it causes) know no limits.

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