Monday, May 31, 2010

Pouring A Little Out (For Those Who Ain't Here)

I'm more riled up than usual today.

It's Memorial Day, and we've got a god damn socialist in the White House.

Who the fuck served and died for that outcome?

The dumb son of a bitch even got washed out today when he attempted to give a speech for the fallen.

Fuck him - the fallen don't want him.

53% of the electorate made the gravest mistake this country has ever seen by picking this doofus to lead.

He's been tested four times now, and - all four times - he's failed.

Some leader.

His very presence in our government makes a mockery of this day.

Very fucking NewAge, that.

So today I'm applauding Israel.

They killed a bunch of sorry-assed "peace activists" who tried to breach a military blockade to Gaza.

Good for them.

Fuck that crooked cross.

Israel did exactly what the military is for: killing the god damn stupid.

Now Obami is sending a message, that he wants answers for what happened, ASAP.

If I was Bibi, after the way The One has been treating him and his country, I'd write back with a big "Fuck you - figure it out for yourself, genius!"

I served, from 1979 to 1983, during the Iranian Hostage Crisis.

I voted for McCain in the last election.

I'll probably vote for Sarah Palin in the next one.

She scares our enemies, both foreign and domestic.

Domestic my ass, she scares Democrats.

If Iran doesn't have the bomb by the time she gets in, she'll insure they never have it.

She'll turn that fucking place into a parking lot.

And Memorial Day won't feel like a god damned farce with her in charge, that's for sure.

I don't know about you, but me - and my fallen brothers - can't wait.

Bring on the Pit Bull with lipstick.

And her Momma Grizzlies.

This Memorial Day is our reminder that what was done in the last election was criminal.

Now it's time to take a bite out of crime.


  1. Democracy in DissentJune 1, 2010 at 9:12 PM

    Okay. The flotilla was filled was filled with unarmed aid workers, not peace activists. There were also journalists on board covering the story. The ships were in international waters, which means the Israelis had no jurisdiction to board when they did.

    And it's just possible that doing so was an antagonistic act, which provoked the violence.

    But do carry on with your biased piece of crap. A know-nothing fool like Palin will appreciate your vote, being the most sorry-assed anti-war guy to walk the planet.

  2. Democracy in DissentJune 1, 2010 at 10:37 PM

    Oh, and attempts have been made to get aid to Gaza by land, so it was not a 'publicity stunt'. Also, Turkish government are upset as they checked the ships and they only contained aid, not weapons.

  3. Democracy in DissentJune 2, 2010 at 4:56 AM

    I don't deny that it was reckless but I'm sure that the repeated attempts to bring aid to the Palestinians is done with a combination of seeing the necessity of doing so; to provide essential assistance and to make the kind of point that will always be missed by blind apologists. That doesn't make it stupid. The rest of the world - the reasonable part - have noticed.

    The other element would like to take Israel at its word; that it is a worthy ally that practices restraint and keeps its head where others fail. Obviously they couldn't be trusted since this was extremely badly handled. Even if for just PR purposes, this was about as subtle and positive a response as Kent State.

    It's not enough to forge alliances - Saudi Arabia and China are technically allies - there has to be something that defines a state. Israel, with its settlements in the strip, and its bombing raids that kill far more civilians than 'the Enemy', only qualifies as an ally for its maneuvering and historical connections, not for its superior morality or greater regard for democracy.

    But naturally you and your right wing buddies utterly fail to even address this, giving the not unreasonable impression that you'd sup with the devil if the terms were right.

  4. Hates the US President, mocks America's fallen soldiers but can't praise Israel enough. Why am I not surprised?

    Thanks for removing your mask for a moment, now we know where your loyalties really lie.