Monday, July 30, 2012

"Walking On Water Wasn't Built In A Day" - Kerouac

So it turns out the very person now trying to sell us on the NewAge idea that "everything is connected" is the same person who tried to sell us on the idea this reality isn't real. Except there's one little problem:

What's actually connecting this hooey is the person doing the selling isn't real him/herself.

Folks, a confused person can only lead you to being confused.

Reality is fine - and we're not all connected.

Just as The Beat Movement was founded by a bunch of macho men who lost their way, leading to our current spiral into oblivion, today's ideological stretching exercises are being led by equally disoriented fools, determined to convince us their issues are ours - by any means necessary.

"Keeping it real" means you follow neither,...

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