Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Black Bedtime Stories (Before The Turkey Day Disaster)

Some perspective, in case anybody wants to insist on the delusion that black slaveowners, white slaves, or free blacks were some major phenomena:

 Flash-forward, to my birth, 100 years after The Civil War (when, supposedly, all the bad stuff ended) and white society still hadn't come to it's senses - while claiming they were behaving normally. Whites still worked over-time, before "Say It Loud - I'm Black And I'm Proud!" trying to convince blacks like me we were the ones with the problem. They expect to walk away from that decades-long mindfuck, without it being mentioned, too.

You see, they want my help in claiming everything happened long ago.

And now, somehow, we're supposed to buy the story blacks should be happy and/or satisfied watching whites posing as authorities on everything - but, especially, justice, ethics and (as the divorce and adultery rate shows) morality - while openly spending the money blacks made once whites gave themselves a multi-century free ride.

Or is it that we should just take our lumps and let them go about their business? 

Either way, what a weird thing to expect us to be thankful for,...


  1. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Find out where the community dinner is being served and go hang out with people.

    Woodstock has a great community dinner. I'll be stopping by after family dinner.

    Honor the ancestors by making the most out of this great sacrament of life that they gave to us.

    We all fall down. The quality of our life is determined by what we do when we get back up.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Crack. I hope you get through this one day.