Saturday, September 9, 2023

A Note About TMR (From TMR)

The Macho Response is no longer about getting worked up, if, say, Elon Musk slams Tucker Carlson's interview with a fraudster who claims he had sex with Barack Obama, because (it's obvious) the result - from Elon Musk and everyone else - will be the same as when Ronan Farrow Said Bill Clinton Was ‘Credibly Accused’ of Rape: nothing. 

Ronan Farrow was the third journalist to say it, if the point isn't clear. The credibility of an accuser, or a journalist, doesn't matter, because what is anybody gonna do about it anyway? Nothing. Look at how hard it is to prosecute Joe Biden - with an abundance of evidence - but how easy it is to torture Donald Trump with nothing. That is another clear indicator America's been in the NewAge for a long time, and has no ethics left to fall back on. Look around: nowhere to be found


 Look at the, supposedly, now-heroic Bill Maher, shooing away evidence, decades ago, before he started going on TV to declare he's "on the side with all the good ideas." And then, just think: a little more of his attention in the 90s could've spared us all a Columbia University professor's seven year Russia hoax to sabotage a president. But no. Instead, today's media is making the "news" about a silly actress who almost bumped into a rapist - in the Hamptons

And so goes the cesspool of American life.

Today, the nation of "Nerd Jesus" is the NewAge, and TMR cannot be bothered where it leads. This blog is a party of one. You pretend anybody cares about cultism as you watch Google build a new Wellness center. TMR cannot. TMR is to not care. You see the destruction as well as anybody else, and TMR is not to stop it. 

TMR is Brad Pitt quenching a thirsty Thelma and Louise - They drove off the motherfucking cliff.

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