Saturday, September 2, 2023

Don't Explain


 2000: (by Yours Truly) opens with "I don't want to be no slave to no dot-com!


 'I'm not usually racist' HAS to be one of the most honest statements heard recently. Bravo.
Except for Haitian, spoken in Florida, there is no reflection of blackness in America. If your descendants were brought here in a slave ship, you have no cultural anchor to hang onto, except for what your people made out of the experience. There's no vacations back to "the old country" to let the pressure off or understand yourself more - as most others have. There's no money coming from ancestors and family "back home" - as most others have. There's no strength coming from a history of anything. How anyone can think blacks don't deserve reparations blows my mind. How anyone can wonder why we stay so angry does, too. Where does it get to go?


For 20 years, I was married to a French woman more devoted to FIVE of the Top 10 Worst Alternative Health Practices Influencers Pedal than our marriage, which has left me triggered and abused - and probably will for as long as I live - since American society's also decided there will be no escaping even the worst Alternative Health Practices. They'll just keep these cults in our faces, as another tax on our lives.
That's how I look at what the Panda Express cult was doing during the pandemic,...
Which will have to "funnel down" - after attempting another twist-and-shout on my powers of prophesy, astrology, various thoughts on racism, quackery, cults, and pandas - to closing this post with an assist from 2012, and Panda Bear, MD

"The best blog on my blogroll, the Macho Response, is not even a medical blog but rather the observations and reflections of a guy living deep in one of the many strongholds of the lunatic fringe and who is slapping them around as they deserve and to the best of his abilities. I’m sure we don’t agree on everything. The Crack Emcee, as he styles himself, is an artist, a musician, and an atheist while I am tone deaf, art-insensate, and a devout Orthodox Christian…but I ain’t a fascist and there is plenty of room in my mind at least for some reasoned differences of opinion. The Emcee is nothing if not reasonable which is not to say that he doesn’t, in a commendable macho fashion, disembowel the usual sensitivity fascists, self-help gurus, and the obnoxious cult-like behavior that is the norm among many of our elites. Sometimes even reasonable men must run up the Jolly Roger, spit on their hands, and commence to cutting throats (If I can paraphrase H.L. Mencken)."

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