Saturday, September 23, 2023

Dead Eyes Open

Trump calls Howard Stern a ‘broken weirdo’ while never mentioning Transcendental Meditation
In U.S., 47% Identify as Religious, 33% as Spiritual: "the 18% who say they are neither religious nor spiritual is twice the proportion Gallup measured when it first asked this question in 1999".
Mom Gets 30 Days for Waterboarding Infant Son and Putting Him in Freezer because - just a guess - she thought he was a member of Al-Qaeda.
Hillary Clinton receives leadership award from Westchester Parks Foundation, because that's how running a successful five-year Russia hoax aainst the President of the United States, your fellow citizens, and the world, is supposed to work
Doomsday cult leader who says he is reincarnation of Jesus is turning 1,500 children into sex slaves on remote Philippines island when he could be putting them to work in Subic City bars.
Jason Whitlock tells Shannon Sharpe: ‘Don’t be a woman, be a man’ and, somewhere, Dylan Mulvaney just got his wings.

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