Saturday, September 9, 2023


Judge Jeanine to Mayor Eric Adams: 'Roll up your sleeves, start dealing with reality and stop talking' TRANSLATION: Take off the crystal "energy" bracelet and don't tell nobody. TMR must be the only blog amazed at how early NewAge concepts are introduced, as important to a politician's success, but then are abandoned, once everything goes to shit. Which they inevitably will, if their brains are so wooly that crystals creating "energy" makes sense.
They did the same with Obama: bringing out Oprah and everybody calling him a light bringer. He even went to Iowa's Maharishi school and gave a speech when was campaigning for president. But how often do you see or hear him being forced to talk about NewAge?


 By the way, Glen Loury let Bill Maher stupidly claim blacks never question gang violence. 


 Stupidly, because it's blacks who live with gang violence, so of course it's discussed. Maybe, just not with people like Bill Maher and Glenn Loury. 


 The truth is, blacks talk about gangs all the time, but these guys just don't like the answers.

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  1. We disagree on some things, but I admire you and hope you have a good holiday meal tomorrow. If you're ever in my neck of the woods, you're welcome. I think there's a lot we could discuss.