Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Tuesday: From A Coffee Buzz (To Total Disbelief)


A devoted life-long follower has finally stopped promoting his guru.
Dayton, Nevada, is a micronation that owes its soul to San Francisco - so it's run by dictators.
The world's UFO hotspots have been revealed - as 'all over the world'
Tiffany & Brett defend Love Is Blind after show compared to “cult” - like two cult members. 
Right to repair’s unlikely new adversary: Scientologists. L. Ron fixes lives - that's it.
Dinner Plate-Sized Device Accidentally Left Inside Woman After C-Section ("Accidentally")
Skateboarding with Jesus HAS to suck.
People At Burning Man Punished By Being At Burning Man Like Every Year


 Getting out of a cult in the age of cults is a lot of effort for nothing, ain't it?

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